Hi please can anyone advise had another test for anti peroxidase unfortunately test not back told could take a week or two! but tsh is still 0.02 and T4 now risen to 28.7 FT3 not done on 150mcg levo. what is going on here I am suppose to feel full of beans as the doctor thinks! but that is far from how I feel - after telephone call reduced to tears due to GP rudeness and not listening made me feel like a hypochrondriac :(

My previous results history is on my posts- anyone offer any advice etc., have just started taking vit d and b12 supplements from advice on last result by peeps on here - doctor was not bothered. thank you x

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  • Darb, it looks to me like you're overmedicated as your TSH is suppressed and your FT4 is well over the top of most ranges I've seen usually 22 or 24.

    Rather than feeling full of beans being overmedicated can make you feel fatigued, anxious, jittery, achy and plain ill. Try skipping your T4 for 3/4 days and then reducing to 125mcg.

  • Thank you Clutter do you think It is worth me asking for a trial of T3 & T4 combo as you know from my readings going back years my results are a bit up and down . I have always been very compliant with my meds ( not as GP suggested) and are very strict with making sure I do not forget. I am so frustrated at keep telling GP a list of symptoms every day and they are not listening to me- I am fed up with living each day not feeling quite right! What do I do know? Thank you so much for letting me express myself to you how I feel. Thank you Darb .

  • Darb, If you aren't converting efficiently then the addition of T3 to T4 can be very beneficial.

    I'd recommend getting a FT3 test. If your GP won't do it you can order privately from Blue Horizon and Genova via

    If you have Hashimoto's this can cause fluctuations in thyroid output causing fluctuations in TSH and FT4. If your GP alters your dose to keep TSH within range this also causes fluctuations.

  • Thank you Clutter x

  • Clutter, you can't say that anyone is over-medicated without seeing their FT3 results. It could be that she's just not converting. That could make her pretty miserable and tearful too! 150 mcg levo isn't that high a dose. And, of course, the TSH is irrelevant, means nothing.

    Darb, it doesn't sound like you have the sort of doctor that would make the effort to get the FT3 done, but it really is important to know what it is. Can you get it done privately? As to asking for T3, it might be a good idea to find out how well you're converting (by comparing FT4 with FT3) before going down that route - although it sounds to me like you aren't converting well. But it sounds like you'll need some amunition before taking on that battle! lol

    You say you've just started taking D3 and B12, well, give them time to work, it isn't instant like taking an aspirin. And how about your iron/ferritin? That's pretty important too. Magnesium? Folate? And I've just been reading that vitamin B1 (thiamin) is pretty important too, and can account for a lot of fatigue if it's low.

    There are lots of avenues to explore, so don't despair! Take care.

    Grey x

  • thank you for reply all info gratefully received.

  • :)

  • Greygoose, I can say that it looks like someone is over medicated when their TSH is suppressed and their FT4 elevated. If FT3 is low then there is likely to be a conversion problem.

  • My test results for antibodies came back next day - very high - along with my TSH (<0.03) and T4 (38.5) and most of the other stuff that was tested (T3 not done !) So it shouldn't take that long for your results to come back - especially as you look to be over medicated.

    Your results are are similar to mine when I was first diagnosed with Graves and I felt awful so I'm not surprised you are feeling absolutely dreadful.

  • hi thank you for your reply. I have been hypo for years but just recently my tests have been somewhat up and down

  • Hope you get sorted out soon :-)

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