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AITD and gluten free diet

How does going gluten free help with auto immune thyroid disease? I have been diagnosed with Graves and am -ve for transglutaminase ABs. I am looking for some rationale based on evidence to support going gluten free (which I am most of the time) to reduce my TRAB antibodies ( which were 2.2 (>1.8 = positive). On carbimazole 20mg and was euthyroid on 20/6/14.

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There have been past post/questions re gluten free.


Here is an evidence and personal achievement posted on this forum by W3ndy2159:

"I agree with all the posts above about not buying pre-packaged/made gluten free alternatives to substitute your 'normal' products.

I went GF approx 18months ago. I suffered with all the classic symptoms from eating gluten. Joint pain, bloating, constipation, tummy ache, brain fog, blurred vision etc etc the list goes on......

I am hashimoto's/hypo. In 2002 my thyroid antibodies were 1337. In 2012 they were 1100. Not much or a reduction over the previous 10yrs of being on medication!

This week my levels are an impressive 62.5. I feel confident in saying, going gluten free has been a huge factor in this reduction, along with a good vitamin and mineral regime. All my symptoms has eased greatly or disappeared completely. If I get glutened they come back with a vengeance and bite me on the b**. :-) lol!

All I can say is ..... Go for it. It's hard at first, looking for hidden glutens but you will find it gets easier as time goes on and you will feel positive benefits health wise. If you use and cook everything from scratch and if you don't swop GF products eg cakes biscuits ready meals etc you may find you lose weight. I've lost 30lbs!

Good luck x "


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