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Unsure about blood test results! My latest blood test shows T4 at 16.5 pmol (range 9.0 -19.1) and TSH level below range <0.01(0.35 - 4.94)

I take 2.75 armour daily and have been self medictIng since Dr Skinner died. I requested more blood tests as advised on HU and they have come back marked 'no further action'

Serum B12 328 ng/L (187.0 - 883.0)

Serum folate 2.5ug/L (1.8 - 18.3)

Serum ferritin 189.9 ug/L (10.0-204.0)

Combined total D2 & D3 level 78 nmol/L ('levels should be > 75 at all times')

My white blood cell count was shown as below range at 4.2 10*9/L (4.5 -13.0)

I would appreciate some advice from you lovely well informed people as I think my B12 & folate levels are on the low side?

I've had an underactive thyroid for almost 20 years now and have had several run ins with doctors over the years about how it should be treated. This site has been more informative than my gp has ever been and your advice would be helpful :-)

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Hi Belleblue, your TSH will be suppressed by the T3 in your NDT and your FT4 is lowish in range because you're getting your T3 orally and bypassing the need to convert T4 to T3.

B12 and folate are low and you should supplement with B12 methylcobalamin and methylfolate sublingual lozenges, spray or patches via good health shops or Amazon

VitD is fine if you are able to get some sun on your arms and face for a few hours a week but otherwise supplement vitD3 softgel caps and you'll need to supplement Oct-April to maintain your level.


Hi Clutter. Thanks for the speedy reply! I was thinking of increasing the armour to 3 grains. I used to be on armour + liothyroxine + levothyroxine and altho I felt fine I had an episode of SVT and everyone got twitchy at my FT4 being 'far too high' at 21!

Thank you for the links. I'll certainly order through the thyroid uk site!

I spend a lot of time outdoors in the sunshine so will probably supplement my vit D and will order the B12 & methylfolate as well. Hopefully it will keel me up bit!! This site has been a real eye opener & a fantastic source of support and information.. I really appreciate your reply and knowledge x


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