Sorry another blood test result request

Hello all, brief history - diagnosed last year with thyroid nodules both sides. Waiting on another scan appointment to see if they have got bigger, possible surgery if so. Recent blood test results: serum TSH 1.7. (0.4 - 5.0). Serum free T4 11 (9-19) having hypo symptoms but apparently blood test normal ? Is this test sufficient for diagnosis and does Hasimotos need to be tested for seperately. Thanks in anticipation

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  • Hi Eleanor, Your TSH is above the level of just over/just under 1.0 most people are comfortable with and your FT4 is low in range which means you will almost certainly have a low level of the active hormone T3. Unfortunately a clinical diagnosis of hypothyroidism is unlikely to be made until your TSH is >5.0.

    Thyroid Peroxidase antibody (TPOab) is the test commonly used to test for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which eventually causes hypothyroidism.

  • Hi and thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm having a hard time trying to get doctors to do blood tests and like many others I have noted just don't get taken seriously. Guess I will just have to wait until next scan. Thanks again

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