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Sourcing Armour Thyroid 2 grain in UK?

Hi Everyone -would be really grateful if anyone can help me out there. After a long protracted battle with GP Practise and having moved GP's after long negotiations, I finally managed to get Armour thyroid on the elusive green prescription. Job done you may have thought -I know I did! But..... my chemist (Lloyds) has tried to source Armour throid 2 grain in the UK but can't find any and so naturally consulted my new GP to ask if I could have it in one grain form -you may be thinking not a problem -I know I did! GP has said no they won't fund 1 grain Armour Thyroid because it costs more and I have to find somewhere in the UK that has the 2 grains or I can't have it....... Does anybody know of a source? I can't believe am being blocked over this! hey ho......

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Hi Waveylines,

I remember seeing on thyroid UK a list of providers..

It's got phone numbers etc.. it looks quite comprehensive so even if they don't have it a call or two might give you a steer in the right direction.

hope it helps Perks


Perks has already pointed you at the appropriate document on the Thyroid UK website. That document details the names of the 'importers' of Armour and other desiccated thyroid products. The individual pharmacies all have to get your prescription fulfilled via these importers.

So, it may be that the Lloyds pharmacy chain does not deal with the appropriate importer. In which case, changing to a different pharmacy may be your solution. If possible, take your prescription to other pharmacies and see if any of them can fulfil it with the two grain tablets.

If you still have no joy, then the next step might be to contact your local PCT and request that they fund the one grain tablets, since the two grain are unavailable in the UK.

Another possibility that might be worth investigating is whether changing to another brand of desiccated thyroid such as Nature-throid or Erfa would enable the two grain tablets to be obtained.

Do come back and let us know how you get on!


You can ring Mountford Pharmacy, 11 East Barnet Road, Barnet, London, EN4 8RR

Tel 0208 449 0260

ASk them if they have the two grains in stock. With green prescription form you will only have to pay the postage to receive your Armour.

Alternatively, Springfield Pharmacy, 124 Sheen Road, Richmond, London, TW9 1UR.

Tel 0208 940 2304

FAX 0208 940 2661


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all your comments and advice. Really helpful. Have made a note of Mountfield Pharmacy, thanks Muffy. I have collected the prescription and spoken to the pharmacy there -I thought it was Lloyds but it is now Sainsburys but affiliated with Lloyds.... Like you said Red Apple she is tied into certan providers. I did start ringing down the list that thyroid Uk provide (wonderful! thank you Perks). Its now with a little lloyds Pharmacy who seem to think they wil get the prescription fulfilled in 3-5 days....and the pharmacist has said he will keep some ready in stock for me in future. So fingers crossed...

and a big thank you to Red Apple, Perks and Muffy -its wonderful to have support like this. I don't where I'd be without this site!!! Well I do -in a muddle!


Hello, I am a newbie to this forum! Please may I ask what a Green prescription is? Thanks


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