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Hi im new just after some advice

Hi I was referred to this website by a lovely lady whose already given me some advice. Heres what happened:

I went to the drs last week and they sent me for blood tests and it came back the my thyroid function is low (they didnt tell me what it all exactly came back as) I went back again and found out my tsh was 6.41 but they said t4 was normal range but didnt tell me exactely what it was or t3.

She also mentioned something about my liver function but im not really sure what she meant.

well after she said that its slightly underactive I just assumed that id be given medication.

but she just said for me to eat well make sure I get rest and enough sleep and I'll have to be re tested mid august is this normal? I do trust my dr but is it even going to get better just by me eating a bit better and sleeping more (I do sleep alot when I can I can easily sleep 12-16 hours) I sleep around 8 hours a night except when im off from work I try to sleep more sometimes napping in the day for around 2-4 hours when I get really tired! 

Just want some advice on what iv been told to do does it seem normal?

I just want to put my mind at rest coz its stressing me out.


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Hi cupoftea,

No, a TSH of 6.41 isn't normal but they've moved the goalposts and people are suffering needlessly. You'll get some great advice on here so I would gather some information, and along with a list of your symptoms go back to your GP and tell her how tired you are. Also get a print-out of your test results (they can't refuse - though they might try) and post them on here. Good luck!


Hi thanks for your reply ok I will try and research it as much as I can iv been suffering with extreme tirdness and loads of other things for a few years now but its just getting worse.

Theres hardly even 1 day a month were I wake up feeling good and refreshed im going to wait until my next blood test which iv been told to do around mid august and see what it comes back as and what they say about it.



If your thyroid is low you need treatment NOW not wait till august

Do get a print out of all the test results she did so we have a chance to help and see if others need doing


I will get a print out thank you


Hello sazzy. Well - you have "proof" (if it were needed!) that your thyroid could be causing your problems. You've had symptoms for several years.

Is it normal for a doctor to tell you they will retest in 3 months? In my experience, the answer is yes. Iwas horizontal in bed, barely able to stand when I was diagnosed 18 months ago. The doctor's suggestion "come back in 3 months time for a restest". Long story v short, I lost it with him. He put me on thyroxine to shut me up.

Get into the habit of always asking for print-outs of all test results. Mine know I'll ask the receptionists usually offer to print them out before I even ask.

As for what else you can do in the meantime. Ask for them to test your Vit D, Vit B12, iron, folate and ferritin levels. These are often low in hypo people and addressing deficiencies makes a big difference for some.

When your retest is done, make sure she measures your thyroid antibodies and insist that your FT3 (free T3) level is measured - as this is the hormone that decides whether you are hypo or hyper.

As for "eating well". Did your doctor define what she meant. Some people find the paleo diet helps them. Google it.


Hi rosetrees

ok I will ask them to test those things my mum has a vit b12 deficiency also.

I will ask for a print out next time I go for these results.

when I first went to docs she said that im still working and doing things so I cant be 'that bad' but thats all I do is work and then sleep coz im way too tired to do anything else also its because I push myself to do it and to work because I couldnt be without a job.

the eating well was because iv put on weight so I think she just wants me to try to eat better for that reason.


It seems fairly obvious you are hypo. If your blood tests, when posted here, definitely show you are, I suggest you go back, take someone for moral support and make a fuss. Ask for a trial period of thyroxine to see if you improve. They will often consider that. You probably will improve but the dose will need to be increased after a few weeks, or you will go back to feeling tired etc again. It is so frustrating for you because in many GP practices, you would have been started on thyroxine without having to make a fuss. Hope you get help soon.


Hi thanks for your reply I will try and get my mum to come with me either that or my friend who also has hypothyroid as im sure she has alot more understanding about it than I do to know what to say to dr.

I will keep you all updated.


Also my antibodies was only at 1


Hi hun,

Its mrst78 here!! Came on to look for your post, so glad you got some more advice on here, i know its hard but i think you really do have to push for treatment. Blooming nhs guidelines! Grrr...

Keep us posted hun xx


Hi lovely thanks for commenting its just more reassuring to know im not being over the top and that there is something wrong if you know what I mean most people around me make me feel like im being over the top and that if there was something really wrong that they wouldnt just leave me without meds.

wish they could spend a day feelinghow I feel so theyd understand.



Hi cc120 that was helpful thank you cant believe so many of us have to push and push for help.

my symptoms whether they are all to do with thyroid or not are

extreme fatigue

also like you I cant cope in the heat but I also feel cold easily

reoccurring tonsillitis

swollen glands

headaches and migraines

irregular periods

sinus pain and blood daily when I blow my nose

tingling numb sensation on random parts of my body

lightheaded and loss of coordination (always walk into things that I should have easily avoided)

lack of concentration


Insomnia even tho im so so so tired

broken sleep

I can easily sleep at least 16 hours if im off work and dont get woken up

thats about all I can think of at the moment but alot of these I get pretty much daily if not ill at least get it once a month


Hi cupoftea1, it's not a competition : ) but I've slept as long as 30 hours, with only 1 toilet visit. But usually between 12 and 15 hours a night. The best advice I can give is get your blood test print outs, the more years the better, up to 10 is good. And asap post them up on here, only when I did that did I get the info and advice to help me to move forward to better health. Get print out of results given up to now, post up and in the meantime get tests via GP for Vit D, Vit B12, iron, folate and ferritin levels, then post them up too.


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