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Having successfully persuaded my doctor to allow me to go back up to 120mg Armour, in spite of my blood tests showing I was over medicating

(he’d put me down to 60mg) and heaving a huge sigh of relief I’ve just heard from my pharmacist that Forest Pharmaceuticals is no longer supplying Armour Thyroid. Help!

Does anyone know of any other company in Britain that is supplying Armour?

Is a Generic tablet the same as Armour - as that is what my chemist is offering in its place?

I once took ‘Thyroid’ from Erfa in Canada and that suited me well – does anyone know if this is still available?

Sorry – that’s three questions but I’m almost out of tablets so feeling desperate.

Thanks for being a life line out there.

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special compounding pharmacy in London still offer armour and I got Erfa from Belgium. happy hunting


Hi whiteheart do you need a prescription to get your Erfa? I take Erfa at the moment prescribed privately by my Endo but I'm always worried that he will leave. Please would you PM details. Thank You Ali :)


Do you have their details so I can pass them on to my pharmacist?


sorry at moment don't have my diary but you can google london pharmacy they list all doctors who use them so very useful


Have you seen this page:


Do you mean that Forest is not making Armour any more or that you cannot obtain it from your usual UK supplier? If the former, I am very concerned!


I was under the impression that Forest Laboratories had been swallowed up by another company called Actavis a few months ago.

Perhaps Armour is now being made by Actavis? It must be worth checking out, anyway.


Forest stopped supplying the UK quite a number of years ago. All Armour sold here is supplied through a distributor. The specialist importer Idis certainly used to be the main company involved here. ANY competent pharmacist can find out if Idis are still able to supply.

There used to be a number of "generic" desiccated thyroid tablets on the USA market but I have not seen any of them mentioned for several years. Maybe none are still going?

During one of the shortages of Armour, many people in the USA went to compounding pharmacies to get a substitute. What they got varied from tablets or capsules made with desiccated thyroid powder, to tablets or capsules filled with synthetic levothyroxine, sometimes with synthetic liothyronine. In at least one case, they were offered straightforward levothyroxine tablets. The choice of other ingredients (known as excipients) is also rather haphazard in some of the compounded products. After all, they do not have to prove dissolution or other attributes that any ordinary factory would be expected to provide.

I was disgusted by some of the stories of people being misled.

Anything not manufactured by Forest is not Armour, will be in at least subtle ways different to Armour, and should never be talked about as being Armour. Even if Armour have been taken over!

LilyMay posted one of the best links going.



Armour was still available via pharmacy importers but maybe its changed very recently

ERFA is still available as should be Westhyroid ..............any good pharmacy should have an account with an importer of either product


Thank you all for your help. I’m so grateful that you are there and that you responded so quickly.

I have gathered all the information and my pharmacist is going to try and obtain Armour for me from another source.

I’ll let you know the outcome.


Well - that's another hurdle over (do others feel like that with the thyroid path? You manage to jump one hurdle, heave a big sigh of relief, turn the corner and there is another hurdle on the path which has to be got over)

My pharmacist rang last night to say that she has managed to obtain Armour for me from Pharmarama International (on the list suggested by LilyMay - Thank you Lily May) so I should get it by Monday. Thank you all again for your prompt and very helpful replies. I don't know how I would have managed without you. Keep up the good work. x


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