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My doc today was really helpful!!!!

I have only written a couple of times on here, and until now things had been going round and round. I had been pushing for combination therapy since Nov and had been not been successful.

My weight had ballooned (142 kg at present) and I was feeling so blegh- as I am sure lots of you can relate to!

Anyway- I did the ligaments in my knee at a boxing class just before Easter and have not exercised since then. I was doing 5 classes a week at the gym.

I discovered on this site that 1. I should take levo on an empty stomach and 2. avoid all Soya. Which is sort of how my story begins.

I had the meeting today booked weeks in advance with a do or die attitude of what I wanted.

However, since hurting my knee and stopping taking soya protein shakes and soya products two things happened before I met him today.

Firstly- after about a week or two of stopping all soya and taking levo on an empty stomach I was really gobsmacked to discover that I could feel the buzz of it working. However over the next couple of weeks my energy was like a roller coaster. Usually ending with me passing out on the sofa for an hour or so.

I was taking 275mcg Levo FOR YEARS and feeling to completely SHITE. Without the soy blocking it I have had to reduce my dose as I was literally all over the show. Jittery, dizzy, shaky, sweaty.... It would last for hours and hours.

For the first time- without exercise- I am losing weight. Due to the too high dose I am sure!


My doc thinks so.

He took bloods today for B12, Vit D, Folate and Ferritin. I go on Monday at 9 for Cortisol. He suspects that I may have problems with my adrenals because I tick off nearly 100% of the symptoms and of course it was really weird to work out so much and not lose any weight.

He agreed with me that he thinks that I may have a conversion problem from T4 to T3 (thanks to a PM from another member who pointed this out from my results I asked him about it and he said Yeah- looks like it could be that. Thank you Greygoose!!!!)

I was expecting a head to head but he was so obliging!!!

He has said that I need to get stabil on the Levo so we are trying 150 for the next 2-3 weeks with maybe going up to 175 (I felt really sick on 175 last week). Then mid July we will DEFINITELY get started on the T3 added.

I felt like hugging him!

Out of curiosity I asked him about NDT and he said it was a super restricted drug here which was very difficult to get approved for patients to use here in Sweden. (I mean here they don't even have any cold and flu drinks and it was only a few years ago that you could start to buy your paracetamol at the supermarket and not the pharmacy.)

He is very supportive now of combination therapy.


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That's great news kiwifruit1. Knowledge definitely is power!


I want your doctor. Can I move to Sweden, please.


Congratulations to you kiwifruit 1. I didn't even know you should take levo on an empty stomach. Thanks.


Well done and wish you well.


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