Great news I was prescribed Loithyronine today to add to my Levo

Great news for me today I had my Endo appointment today and he has put me on 100 Levo and 20mgs of Liothyronine , to be taken 10mg twice per day... Id really like to say a massive thank you to all you that has made this possible and worked so hard to get it to be prescribed again :) I used the template for symptoms.. He looked at that and at my bloods and he said would I like a trial for a month and if it is better my GP will take over prescribing ( That Ive yet to see I will let you know how that goes when time comes.. ) I didn't even have to ask him for it , Im very happy and will start it tomorrow am... I have a suppressed TSH on Levothyroxine and he had not seemed at all bothered about that.. Thank you all so much for your help to help me get it. I did write to MP a few times and the survey every little bit helps :) Im very happy today as thought I was going to have to put up a fight :)


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  • Wonderful news and we have at least One Very Humane Endocrinologist who will probably soon be inundated with requests.

  • Well done!


  • Pascha1,

    That's great. Is endo NHS and were you given a 'pink pharmacy form' to give to your GP so GP knows what to prescribe?

  • he said he was writing to my GP who would then be taking over prescribing and that I will be getting a letter from him ( the Consultant very soon), I have to have bloods in ten days , i was a bit shocked i got it without actually asking should I have got a pink form? he gave a prescription there and then to get at hospital.


  • Pascha1,


    Not sure why bloods in 10 days though, it's rather quick. Still, just make sure you leave 12 hours between last T3 dose and blood draw or FT3 will rocket and then there'll be fuss and stuff about being overmedicated.

  • Thank you Clutter i will write that on calendar so I don't forget , is 10 days a bad thing then ? I actually feel much better today, ive done so much this morning , everything isn't so dull looking, colours are brighter but the strange thing is it has gone quite slowly , I must of been staring into space for hours as days went by very quickly with me doing nothing .. its quite weird being productive again :)

  • Pascha1,

    Don't overdo it. If you have been inactive for a while you need to pace yourself and recover your strength otherwise you'll crash.

    10 days is premature. It can take a few weeks for T3 levels to build. It is more usual to have thyroid tests 6-8 weeks after introducing T3 or after a dose adjustment.

  • The Endo didn't do bloods the day I went to see him he looked at bloods from June which I was hyper well that's what bloods were I also showed him my private ones where I had high reverse t3 so maybe that's why he has taken them earlier . I should of recorded it all as memory was shot at the time :;

  • The Endo is NHS :)

  • Great News!

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