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Any ideas on these blood results. Have been feeling anxious since July 2013. Dr has reduced twice then upped my Levo. It's my tummy flipping

Over and over. Dr now has me on mirtazapine for anxiety. Results and blood history :-Just to re cap..... I've been on 125mcgs for many years except for periods of lowering doses either due to running out or on drs advice.

Here are some details. Up until recently I've only ever has TSH bloods.

Nov 2007. t4 only result. T4. 11.7

Feb 2008 TSH 2.66. T4 12.8

June 2008. TSH 1.35

Nov 2008 TSH 3.44

Feb 2009. TSH 2.71

May 2009. TSH 2.85

Jan 2010 TSH 1.66.

Dec 2010. TSH 1.58

Sep 2011. TSH 1.17

Dec 2012. TSH 0.46

Aug 2013. TSH 0.22. This is when the anxiety feeling started.... Tummy doing somersaults. Dr decided to reduce Levo to 100mcgs

Sept 2013. TSH. 1.86. ( 0.1 - 5.0)

T4 16.6. ( 9.0 - 21)

T3 3.9. (3.8 - 6.0)

B12 2662 ....... Too high so stopped supplements

Folate 4.9 ( 3.1 - 19.9)

Ferritin 80 uh/L (11.0 - 307)

Based on these results Dr reduced me to 75mcgs

Oct 2013. TSH 4.41 (0.1 - 5.0)

T4...... No results

T3 3.7. (3.8 - 6.0)

Cortisol. 326 ( 250.00 - 700) this was an afternoon level

Based on theses results Dr increased Levo back up to 100mcgs

Feb 2014. TSH 2.83

T4 21

T3 3.7 ( 3.8-6.0) below reference limit)

June 2014. TSH 5.28 ( 0.35-4.94)

T4 19.3 ( 9-19) high above ref range

T3 3.2 (2.6-5.7)

Please note change in reference range since 03/12/13.

I have put here exactly what s shown on results paper.

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I am not a medical person - just a fellow sufferer. It would appear as if you are having a slight problem with converting your tablet of T4 into the Active Thyroid hormone - T3. T3 is needed in every cell of your body and needs to be higher in the range than yours has been. This could well help you to feel better. Is it possible for you to discus this with your GP and ask for a trial of T3 in addition to a lower dose of T4 ?

Your TSH may well be too high for you. Many people feel better when it is 1 or under.

Have never seen a B12 reading that high - ooops !

I cannot see any results for Anti-bodies. Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg should be tested to eliminate Hashimotos or Auto-immune Thyroiditis. It is the most common form of thyroid illness and could be the cause of your fluctuating results. There is also a link with anxiety and Hashimotos - as explained by Izabella Wentz....


My B12 was in that region when I had a blood test after taking 5000iu the day before. Even though I still had deficiency symptoms.


Thank you for your help. I am seeing my dr next week. He said he'll refer me to an endo but I finding it hard to find a good one in my area that will listen anf won't fob me off. I willing to pay for a consultation.


Maybe contact Louise Warvill and ask for the thyroid friendly list of private specialists.....


I was put on block and replace taking carbimazole and Levo. As soon as they introduced Levo I started feeling anxious. I stayed with it thinking it will be better once I get my levels right. I got so bad with anxiety/paranoia was affecting my day to day and I couldn't cope anymore. I felt like I was having a nervous breakdôwn and needed to be taken away. Endo took me off all meds (in the hope I guess that my thyroid may correct itself). My gp gave me anti depressants which I didn't take. As soon as I came off Levo I am calm, no paranoia, I almost feel happy again! I'm convinced it's the Levo that made me so anxious, although docs insist it's not that!

If my thyroid does go over active again I will consider just taking carbimazole alone to control it.


Ive been on levo for over 28years.

Never been so anxious. Hot sweaty. Sweat bubbled out of my head. Flushes. Cant tolerate temperature rises

I was reduced from 125mcgs down to 100mcgs several moths ago while weaning off lyrics.

These numbers are not making sense


New blood results

TSH 3.2

T4 17.0

T3 2.6


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