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Hi I was taking 75 mg thyroxine then stopped due to side effects , sadly two other brands were discontinued so it's levothyroxine or nothing

Gp has not put me back on 50mg but feel it's not enough despite blood tests state it is , so decided to keep taking 75mg and I take it at night for more energy on waking , do you think this is safe to do this , I actually feel better in 75 I am awake a lot longer !! .

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25-50 mcg is a starting dose and some can feel worse to start until you get to a dose suitable for yourself.

(GPs tend to up the dose gradually - however interestingly a vet would prescribe per body weight!!!)

Please be aware that without sufficient levels of vitamins/minerals Levo may also not 'work' correctly - so it's a good idea to check iron, ferritin, folate & B12 and vit D for starters.

Conversely it is best to take Levo with water and away from milk, breakfast, and 4 hours away from iron supplements.

Please post your blood test results for folk to help - you are entitled to ask for these. Many take their Levo at night, if you take more you may 'run out' - what side effects did you have?

Jane :D


Also wondering what was meant by "sadly two other brands were discontinued so it's levothyroxine or nothing" - a bit more explanation would help us to understand.




eltroxine , and a other brand have been discontinued the pharmacy can not get it any more , what I that is just called levothyroxine I didn't get on with this have a lot of side effects but have no alternative !!


Are you in the UK?

Other than occasional loose product dispensed from a bulk pack, all UK levothyroxine is supplied in blister packs inside card packs. The company's name is on both that outer box and the blister pack if you look closely enough. It will also be on the Patient Information Leaflet packed inside.

Some people do better on one make than another. See here fro what is available:

Were you on Teva? Were you on Goldshield?

Teva was withdrawn because it was not delivering the active ingredient fully. Goldshield was renamed as Mercury Pharma.


it just says levothyroxine no other name at all was given eltroxine but that was withdrawn and so was another one so all mine says is levothyroxine no other name but that !!


Hi Jane , I have Thalassimia trait so have Blood Count done quite often and I know I have a low blood count but ferretin is fine hence why I can't have iron , so take a multivitamin instead , I take levo at night so I can actually wake up with some energy a few nights ago took 50mg to see if gp was right but the next day I came home from work and went to bed in the afternoon and stayed there I could not function at all just needed sleep yet last night took 75 mg and I am still awake !!


Hi Eliana, sorry I'm late replying,

several here have reported this trait as well - may I ask how is it confirmed ?

do you have to have bloods taken regularly to correct the excess iron?

(I'm asking as my daughter has 'more than good' levels of iron, mine are always 'very good' too).

Per original question - I personally think we are quite able to know when we're on the right dose - still unsure of your 'side effects' 'tho... there are different fillers in brands...

(don't forget to have a blood test first thing and avoid taking meds until afterwards to avoid skewing result ) J :D


I thought levothyroxine was a generic name for the medication doctors usually prescribe (Synthyroid, Euthyrox, Eltroxin etc) - am I wrong?


Hi Mary,

Yes, Levothyoxine is the generic generally prescribed in the UK by Amdi Mercury Pharma, Actavis and Wockhardt.


Thanks Clutter :)


levothyroxine is what I have been on for 5 years it has no other name on the box !!


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