NDT Dosage Advice - not feeling any better


I was recently put on Nature Throid for Hashis and symptoms of hypo thyroidism ('normal TSH')

I've been increasing every 2 weeks and I am now on 2 grains a day + the vitamin regime by my holistic doctor but I feel no different. I've also been GF and DF for 5 months.

I don't know what to do...what do I do next? I just want to feel better even if just slightly.

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  • When did you last get your FT3 tested? Could be that you're still under-medicated.

  • Taken in September - just before I started on NDT.

    TSH 1.33 ( 0.27-4.20 ) mU/L

    Free T4 18.8 ( 12.0-22.0 ) pmol/L

    Free T3 5.5 ( 3.1- 6.8 ) pmol/L

  • OK, so you weren't really under-medicated - although your FT3 could have been higher. And you don't have much of a conversion problem.

    What you need to do now you've been on NDT for about six weeks, is get retested to see if your FT3 has gone up or down. :)

  • Emily_Nukem,

    How much Levothyroxine were you taking before you switched to NDT?

  • I never took Levo as GPs didn't think I needed to be medicated due to normal TSH. New holistic doc put me straight on NDT.

  • Emily_Nukem,

    I'm surprised you were put on NDT with those results which were very good. I would check your thyroid levels again as I suspect you may be overmedicated and that, in my opinion, was worse than being undermedicated.

  • I feel no different for being on them - what are the signs of being overmedicated? I don't have palpitations etc?

  • Emily_Nuken,

    Signs of overmedication are tremors, palpitations, breathlessness, sweating, anxiety, irritation, aggression, diarrhoea, hairloss.

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