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Help struggling with cold weather

Hello all how do you all cope with the cold weather I'm struggling feel cold all the time and my legs feel achy too. According too docs my levo is the right level. I feel really rubbish I'm 32 but feel much older and unable too do much I hate having this makes life hard. Summer I find it too hot winter its too cold short of thermal underwear and a massive heating bill any advice please?

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I think you need an increase in medication. As thyroid hormone raises your metabolism (or should do unless you have a conversion problem) we may need to adjust dose slightly in summer (if weather is hot) and vice versa in winter to keep our metabilism up and so we feel warmer. If you can get a copy of your latest blood tests, with the ranges, from the surgery post on a new question for comments. Take no notice of GP saying levels are o.k. he should be treating you and not the blood test. The purpose is to make us feel well but some of us cannot convert levo into sufficient T3, so that's the most important but labs wont do it if TSH is 'within range'. You may have to get a private T3 blood test.

There us no info on your profile but on looking at a couple of previous posts, I see you had problems after giving birth, so you have to look after baby plus yourself when you are not in the best health yet.

Some doctors believe that getting TSH 'in normal range' is sufficient but it's not, his aim if patient still unwell is to increase dose to lower TSH to around 1 or below or even suppressed or, even better, some T3 added to a reduced T4.


I haven't got much substantial advice, but I swear by an electric blanket. They're pretty affordable and are much cheaper than trying to get the whole house super-heated. I find it really comforting to know there's always one place I can go to to get really really warm, and that I won't struggle to keep warm in the night.


I feel awful today with the cold weather - shivering on the bus stop with my fingers turning white, stiff and numb. Not good! :(


You need a higher dose of thyroxine in winter.


Non-specific aches and pains can be down to Vitamin D deficiency. My doctor says most people in the UK need to supplement in the winter.


Nettieboo, an electric blanket or throw, a hot water bottle on feet and on middle to warm core, thermal undies, layers, hat, scarf and gloves.

Post your results and the lab ref range and we'll advise whether you are optimally medicated


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