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Blood Results Back - What Other Tests Do I Ask For? Comments?

So my private bloods came back today (thank you Genova Diagnostics for being prompt). My GP had refused to test anything but TSH (which went 8.4 to 5.3 so back in her 5.5 range) and tells me I do NOT have a thyroid problem, take more HRT, omeprazole and start amiltryptaline! Private endo booked for Friday evening.


TSH 8.49 (0.4-4.0)

TT4 96.0 (58-154)

FT4 12.2 (10-22)

FT3 5.19 (2.8-6.5)

FT4:FT3 Ratio 2.4 (2.0-4.5)

rT3 0.32 (0.14-0.54)

TG <20 (0-40)

TPO >1000 (0-35)

B12 255 (180-1000)

Ferritin 164 (10-300)

Many hypo and some hyper symptoms. Very slow stomach emptying, heartburn with bread/cake.

Not taken these over to my GP yet (arrived this morning). I know what I think! Comments very welcome, particularly whether I need to get Cortisol and perhaps Coeliac testing.

Thank you Thyroid UK for setting up the Genova testing system :)

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B12 VERY low - especially as only about 20% of that result is available at the cellular level where it works. That is why it is suggested that the result is at the TOP of the range. In Japan the range STARTS at 500 - 1300. Am sure Docs are not aware. Thought Ferritin should be around 90 - could be your range/result is different from others. I live in Crete so am not up to speed with UK.

Having a coeliac test can be hit and miss unless you go for the more in depth one done on behalf of Cyrex at Regenerus Labs. As you have Hashimotos it may be as well to just go Gluten Free.

Lots of information out there on Hashimotos - you could click onto - Browse by Category on the right of this page - scroll down for Hashimotos - and have a read. Doctors think that as the treatment is the same for auto-immune issues as normal Thyroid issues they do not need additional testing. Wrong ! When your TSH reduces with treatment you may feel better - hopefully your FT4 will improve. Some Hashi's people have problems converting the T4 into the Active T3.

Your stomach issues could be caused by Low Acid so some Betaine-HCL may solve the problem. Also optimal treatment for your Thyroid.

Do let us know how your GP reacts to these tests. They know so little about Auto-immune issues - hence they steer clear. You may like to inform your GP that around 90% of thyroid issues are auto-immune ! Also worth having your VitD checked too..... has a good section on Adrenals if you think there is a problem with cortisol.

Good luck and hope you soon feel better ...... :-)


Your TSH screams hypothyroid as does your free T4

Your B12 is critical staggered that your ferritin is not low

Since your GP has not done thyroid Antibodies they are quite simply down right ignorant and have no business even being a doctor

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Thank you for your comments, they are very helpful. Just found out my vit D is low too so working a plan of supplements and diet to get everything optimum so treatment can work. I think B12 is low but GP refuses to supplement so will do myself.


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