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Latest blood result any help appreciated

Now 9 months post TT. These are my latest result although again some are missing.

TSH 0.05 mu/l range 0.30-5.50

Free T4 23 pmol/l range 10.00 - 22.00

Ferritin 15ug/l range 15-400

I have been taking iron tablets since my last blood test as it showed I was low. I take 125 mg of levothyroxine.

Still don't feel100% and lack energy. Any help greatly appreciated

Thanks xx

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These are a couple of links and iron should have a very big gap between taking levo and iron. Usually supplements can be taken after 4 hours of levo but iron will need a much longer gap if you read Helvella's comment:-




I was taking my iron in the evening and my levo in the morning so they were well apart.

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That's good as I wouldn't have thought of that if I was on iron tabs.


Your ferritin is way way too low and needs to be at least halfway in its range so on that range 200

be sure to also take 500mg or 1000 mg of vit C at same time as the iron


I've been taking 400mg of ferrous sulphate for 3 months which was prescribed by the doctor. Just coming to the end of it now. Any recommendations as it looks like that hardly made any difference


Hi - your ferritin has hardly moved from your last result three months ago when it was 11.

Iron levels are difficult to increase especially if you are having monthly periods. A lot depends on what form of iron tablet you are taking, some are better than others. I hope that you are getting your iron supplement on prescription. Ask for Ferrous Fumerate.

You are not going to feel well with such low iron levels. You were anaemic going by your last result and now only just in range. Some GPs will not prescribe if the ferritin result is in range

Your Folate and B12 were also low three months ago, these need attention - Maddie


I was being prescribed 400mg of ferrous sulphate but not any more as I'm now 'in range' Any recommendations on what to take now? Thanks


Hi keb, as far as I know you can buy the same over the counter. I'm on 600mg, my ferritin is 18.


I cannot believe that your GP regards you as in range when your level is at 15!

Anyway, it looks as if you are on your own regards improving your iron status.

Getting your levels up can take time so do not give up.

I have taken a number of iron supplements and found Vitabiotics Feroglobin capsules to be the best;


Asda normally sell it at three for £10 or Boots buy two get one free.

You will need a retest after approx three months. Ferritin needs to be around 90 and serum iron near the top of the range. Also ask for the Transferrin saturation, this is given as a % and needs to be at least 35%.

With your poor iron status you most likely have a low haemoglobin level as well so the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood is low. This will improve as your iron level increases - Maddie


Hi maddie. Thank you for your sound advice. My serum iron is 19 with a range of 11 - 25 & my saturation index is 30% my haemoglobin estimation was 127 with a range of 120 - 150. All the results have been classed as normal by the lab! Kate x


Hi Kate, your serum iron isn't bad at all. It's strange that your transferrin saturation index is 30% with such a low serum ferritin. The relationship between iron and hypo is complex, this link from reverset3.com may be useful;


You could do with a T3 result, either TT3 or FT3 to get a better idea of your thyroid hormone status. Also, B12 and Folate.

As you have had a TT you may benefit from the addition of some T3 medication - Maddie


Ferrous fumarate is usually better than ferrous sulphate. It's kinder on the digestion, and you can take 3 a day if you need to.


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