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Went to the anemic clinic only to be told I don't have anemia but if my ferritin level is low again they will give me iron infusions?

I am very confused as my iron levels have never been tested.

My vitamin d is very low but I am not taking anything for it but he didn't know about vitamin d.

My primary doctor did not think my low ferritin was a problem.

I am worried that my thyroid is not functioning right after some tests and am begging them to do a t4 rest but they refuse.

I am worried I have another tumour.

Any advice will be great please x x

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I've looked at your previous threads and your TSH 0.95 and FT3 4.66 (top of range 5) look very good. FT4 converts to FT3 and your FT3 is at the top of the range so it's unlikely an FT4 test will tell you anymore and it certainly doesn't appear that you have a thyroid problem.

Your vitamin D 38 is very low, as is your ferritin 7 (assuming the range is up to 150) and both of these are enough to make you feel very unwell indeed. Your GP should prescribe vitamin D supplements until you are in the optimal range >75. Give him/her the recently updated guidelines vitamindcouncil.org/vitamin... If he refuses to prescribe Vit D you can buy it OTC in health food stores and on Amazon. I'd recommend 5,000iu gel caps daily until you can retest and are high in range 75-200. Make sure to buy vitamin D3.

Ask your GP whether he will organise the iron infusion or whether you need to follow it up with the anaemia clinic. Don't let it slide. You either need iron supplements or an infusion.

You said your B12 and folate are normal. What were the results with the ref ranges please? Bottom of the range 190-900 is described as normal but neurological symptoms can present <500.

There was a link to a parathyroid site in your post 24 days ago. If you check it out they'll probably be able to allay your fears about recurrence of the tumour or advise you what action to take. Otherwise contact the specialist who treated your tumour to discuss your concerns.


Thank u so much for your advice, it was extremely helpful x x


Hi there I understand how terrible you must feel, I had an iron infusion about 8 years ago due to a ferritin level of 2 maybe 3 cant quite remember, but the haemotologist said that if I had a major bleed due to accident or something they would not be able to save my life without a blood transfusion, as you need higher ferritin levels to make iron, so please get something done. wishing you well


Thank u that means a lot, I'm hoping for a phone call in the next few days from hospital . I'm fed up with my primary doctor who didn't take my ferritin levels seriously or even think of giving me iron tablets . My mum keeps saying after visiting hospital yesterday and saw a cancer specialist that at least I don't have cancer. Believe me I'm very grateful I don't too but am still quite depressed for some reason, mainly I think because I'm fed up x x


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