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Vitamin D test......Replete?

Hi there....have been further absorbing my blood test results received yesterday.

Vitamin D last March was low at 49. ( 50 - 250 )


Vitamin D. 81 ( 50 - 250 )

Comment.....Vitamin D between 75 and 150 nmol/L: Vitamin. D Replete.

Don't want to overdo the supplementing but am I right in thinking Vit D for us should be much higher.......continue to take 5000 tabs or will 1000 tabs be enough ?

Would appreciate some guidance please x

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Hi there. My vitamin is low and has been low for a number of years - between 25 - 60. I initially was taking 20,000 iu every fortnight but nit much improvement after 12 months. My endocrinologist has since prescribed liquid vitamin D as apparently it is easier absorbed.

Good luck


Thanks for reply....not heard of the liquid form before....that's interesting.

I have been using Solgar soft gel capsules but have to admit not every day as I was concerned about overdoing it....have 5000's and 1000's in stock ...I obviously need to boost it further.

It's not very helpful to just rely on getting out in the sun even though we are having a fantastic Summer.


I saw a bottle of 'one drop a day 'D3 drops on the counter of the health food shop the other day but I was paying and in a rush do I didn't get a chance to see how strong they were. I suppose those sprays must be liquid too.


if you divide your result by 2.5 you convert it into ng/mL which is 32. On grassroots health they suggest at least 60 for good health. So you have some way to go. I would keep with the 5000 and take it with something fatty.


Thanks for that Marz....... That confirms things ....trying to remember advice from the past, when I think someone here said it would take 3months to boost right up. 5,000 it is then for while longer.

To make you smile....on a past Endo visit when I questioned about D3 he didn't say how much..but did say to take with fat as you have said......I said to him "Does that make butter legal then?" He replied ..." You can have it with doughnuts if you want !! "

I refrained from answering....I have enough problems without adding doughnuts !

Hope your dog is happy after her manicure x


Does make me wonder what is going on with these doctors? I spoke to my GP a few weeks ago and she said to stop taking D3 as my results showed vit D @ 48 and as it was summer I didnt need to take this. I have felt rubbish again for weeks and have put it down to not taking D3 so I am going to start up again. Fluffy hugs Joolz.x


I'm now taking it again but am not sure what the dose should be. My last result was 37.I've had a horrible joint flare and looked at the arthritus site. The only supplement recommended for rheumatoid arthritus at 5/5 stars and with some research to back it up was fish body oil/ fish liver oil. I was taking cod liver oil but had lapsed. The lady in Holland and Barrett also recommended Glucosamine so in order to use the penny sale I bought some of that as well. Should add that cod liver oil is usually much cheaper elsewhere!

My joints have now calmed down a bit but I wish we could be advised on how much vitamin D to take.

I have no idea what causes these flares but suspect either rheumatoid or psoriaritic arthritus. I would not be willing to take anything other than Iboprofen at present because I can be relatively well for long periods of time.


lilliput...have you seen Marz's reply ...she gives some useful information and I will certainly concentrate on a higher dose to build my level up before Winter.

Your last test result was low too wasn't it. The cod liver oil is something I used to have to take as a child but haven't taken since the menopause years when I would have tried anything to find some answers to feeling so low.........oh that I'd known of TUK then!

Sorry to hear of your joint flares....joint pain is so debilitating.

I seem to be managing mine better now,but still make sure I watch my diet too as well as adjustments in meds.


Thanks for your reply. I think the high omega 3 may help the joint pain but I probably need more Vit D. I don't have recent thyroid results but was told they were within range. Yes I know,I need to find out what they were. I'm on 100mcg Levo.

Anticipating a fight with doc if they are, as I suspect, still high. The exhaustion when I have joint pain is ten times worse than when my joints are OK. I don't think it would be solved by more Levo My general level of energy is C minus.


I think marfit was meaning the chart on the VitD website - which tells you how much to take according to your D3 results....

In an earlier post you were saying you didn't know how much to take - hope the chart helps :-)


You and me both!! results last March took three months to reach me ....only then because I asked my Endo's secretary if she could e-mail them to me.I then printed out a copy and took it to my surgery for their records!! D3 was under lowest range as I have posted and I lost those three months when I could have improved dosage,but no one has ever commented.Can you wonder that many of us have gained the confidence here to self medicate?......sometimes I wonder just who is treating who?

I repeat....thank goodness for HU TUK X

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My favourite subject! :)

There is confusion between measurements..

ng/mL 40-60 recommended by grassroots site Marz has kindly linked to (40-80 by the Vit D council)

or nmol/L (equivalent 100-150)

here's a link to a UK NHS lab home test (there's others)

and a helpful booklet - see page 26 for recommended levels

don't forget vitamins don't work alone e.g. D3 needs adequate levels of fats, magnesium & K2

My last test was 105nmol/l so I stopped supplementing throughout the summer, but I know it will be low again in September despite intensive sunbathing and oily fish! - we just use it up!

81nmol/l is a much better level than most, but it will likely drop if you don't have a maintenance dose - I take one or two 1000iu drops daily & more if my shins or elbow tell me to! Jane :D

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Thanks Sparerib.....lots of help coming here. .....I shall make sure I take it regularly from now on X


You need to aim for the high 90s to about 125


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