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Managed to get my blood results, opinions appreciated please


Just a quick follow up to yesterdays post, (

I managed to get a written copy of my blood test results today and I have listed them below. Would appreciate some opinions although there isn't much to read!

Thyroid function test

(RH)-Dr/nurse will discuss result at next routine appt

Serum TSH level OR 6.57 mu/L (0.3-4.7)

Borderline hypothyroid.

Refer to TRAMP thyroid guidelines.

Serum free T4 level 14.2 pmol/L (9.5-21.5)

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Thyroid Regional Assessment And Management Plan. Apparently. :)

Thyroid Regional Assessment and Management Plan Ratified by: NHS North of Tyne Commissioning Integrated Governance Committee


From TRAMP guidelines:

•Serum TSH 4.7 to 10 mU/l, normal free T4: subclinical hypothyroidism- review symptoms -If symptoms suggestive of hypothyroidism are present, discuss with the patient and consider a therapeutic trial of close to full-dose thyroxine (eg.75 or 100 mcg daily) for 3 or 4 months. If there is a symptomatic response over this time, then continue treatment. If no symptomatic response then check the TSH has been normalised by thyroxine (i.e. subclinical hypothyroidism was corrected).


Thanks, I am only on 25mcg and confused how some say I'm definitely hypo while my doc doesn't seem to think so. All I know is I feel awful and have for a few years.


You should definitely be on a higher dose. The TRAMP guidelines suggest 75 to 100mcg. I think you would really notice the difference if you took that dose. I would feel dire with a TSH of 6.57. I feel pretty under par with a TSH of 1.2! I function best at TSH 0.2 or so. (I take 75mcg).


Thanks for that, I am fortunate that my company is paying for me to have a Full Bupa Health test including a Thyroid test so hopefully a second opinion and proper tests should reveal a bit more.

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