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Managed to get my blood results, opinions appreciated please

Just a quick follow up to yesterdays post, (https://healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk/posts/130864506/confused-and-need-some-advice-on-hypothyroidism-diagnosis)

I managed to get a written copy of my blood test results today and I have listed them below. Would appreciate some opinions although there isn't much to read!

Thyroid function test

(RH)-Dr/nurse will discuss result at next routine appt

Serum TSH level OR 6.57 mu/L (0.3-4.7)

Borderline hypothyroid.

Refer to TRAMP thyroid guidelines.

Serum free T4 level 14.2 pmol/L (9.5-21.5)

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TSH is way too high it should be below 2 and preferably below 1

Free t4 is only middle of the range when it needs to be in the upper quadrant

you need tests for

Thyroid Antibodies

Vit B12



Vit d3

cant imagine what TRAMP thyroid guidelines are will look them up


Thyroid Regional Assessment And Management Plan. Apparently. :)


Thyroid Regional Assessment and Management Plan Ratified by: NHS North of Tyne Commissioning Integrated Governance Committee slideshare.net/roger961/tramp



From TRAMP guidelines:

•Serum TSH 4.7 to 10 mU/l, normal free T4: subclinical hypothyroidism- review symptoms -If symptoms suggestive of hypothyroidism are present, discuss with the patient and consider a therapeutic trial of close to full-dose thyroxine (eg.75 or 100 mcg daily) for 3 or 4 months. If there is a symptomatic response over this time, then continue treatment. If no symptomatic response then check the TSH has been normalised by thyroxine (i.e. subclinical hypothyroidism was corrected).



Tramp is ignoring postive thyroid antibodies would mean treating any TSH over 5


Thanks, I am only on 25mcg and confused how some say I'm definitely hypo while my doc doesn't seem to think so. All I know is I feel awful and have for a few years.



You should definitely be on a higher dose. The TRAMP guidelines suggest 75 to 100mcg. I think you would really notice the difference if you took that dose. I would feel dire with a TSH of 6.57. I feel pretty under par with a TSH of 1.2! I function best at TSH 0.2 or so. (I take 75mcg).


Thanks for that, I am fortunate that my company is paying for me to have a Full Bupa Health test including a Thyroid test so hopefully a second opinion and proper tests should reveal a bit more.


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