Sacked by my endocrinologist - Whoopee!

Well that was a consultation to remember: nearly an hour, Consultant, Registrar and two students in attendance. I've been attending these things for a decade or more, presenting with symptoms we're all familiar with when T4 stops working and being told that the bloods are normal, go back to my GP for more anti-depressants, aspirin, statins, nsas,etc etc. All the time feeling just as bad, meek, compliant. Until today. Today I rocked up feeling fit, healthy and happy, stable on 80mcg of T3 taken in one dose - no wobbles, no crises, just take it, forget about the condition altogether and get on with my life. He didn't like that, for some reason. He didn't like it when I told him that I had recovered despite him, not because of him. He didn't like the fact that I knew my subject, was prepared to justify my choice of medication over his, challenged his slavish devotion to T4 to the exclusion of all alternatives and told him I'd rather live like this for 5 years than live 15 years like I was. So we agreed that there was little point in him continuing to see me, and another consultant is to be found. Bring it on! :)

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  • Hahaha - brilliant! :-)

  • Rock on Mick. That's one for the memoirs.

    Perhaps you should hire yourself out .......

  • Fantastic! I would love to have been there and seen it - can you imagine what the students thought when someone actually questioned their consultant and registrar.

    I hope they were wise enough to realise that there are different ways of treating thyroid problems other than the line being pushed by the bunch teaching them.

    Well done for your contribution to improving the treatment of thyroid patients :-)

  • Why thankyou everyone - It was great fun, especially when he was called out of the room and I had 5 minutes telling it like it is to the others: the amount of anger and frustration building up in the Hypo community over shabby and inadequate treatment, and the hide-bound devotion to T4. I really let it rip, and the registrar asked how come I knew so much about it (we were discussing whether cortisol was essential for TT patients). i'd been rehearsing how it might go for a while, and it went better than I could have dreamed! All down to the knowledge insight and support of your good selves. :)

  • Hooray! I hope they took it in! Well done you xx

  • Ah your story just gets better and better. I bet those guys will never listen to their boss talking to his future patients without thinking about what you told them. They will remember the experience forever :-)

  • That's fantastic news Mick, :) I also would have liked to have been a fly on the wall. Hopefully your lecture will have made them think and questioned their ways. Please would you PM me and let me know if it was the Exeter or Plymouth endo, as I would appreciate some advice before my appointment, thanks.

  • I've seen endos in Newcastle, Derby, London Exeter and Plymouth - it could be any one of a couple of dozen, with the exception of 2 or 3 that demonstrated some insight and understanding beyond the bald biochemistry which they use to justify their inaction.

  • Well done Mick, round of applause, it is a sad indictment of the system, if you recover inspite of it, not because of it. Think many are in the same situation as you and taking control of your own health is powerful and not liked by numpty doctors.

  • Well said, that man! How can he not see the difference in you and acknowledge that T4 wasn't working and T3 is? What an admission though, he presumably thinks you still need an endo but accepts he can't be of help to you.

    I used the same argument to my endo, quality of life today as opposed to potential longevity and a half life. He didn't sack me though, was prepared to prescribe T3 as long as I understood the risks.


    Also for putting the endo in his place, especially in front of other medics. I wonder what he will write in your notes?

    I am now self medicating and trying to find my optimal dose. Like you, I will get there DESPITE my gp and endo. I am now feeling Happy today, as I so love hearing that others are feeling alive again. ENJOY !!!

  • Well done ! I am about to embark on trying to get T3 prescribed .I have been on T4alone for over 10 years and i'm sick to death of feeling unwell .Your post has given me more determination to fight the fight . Can you remember what your blood results were before starting T3 ? Mine are...

    TSH 0.28 ( 0.27 - 3.5 )

    Free T3 3.9 ( 3.1-6.8)

    Free T4 19.1 ( can't remember range top was 22 though )

  • Motherelle,

    Your FT4 looks good but you aren't converting well with FT3 of 3.9. You really would benefit from T3. If the Gp refuses buy on line and self medicate.

  • My results wouldn't be relevant to you as I'm TT and always aim for a near zero TSH. 20 years into T4 as life support I was always asking my GP to 'up the dose', which of course with hindsight was the beginning of my conversion problems, which to date have only taken 15 years to sort out....

  • I would advise extreme caution before self-medicating, especially on T3; primarily because, if you get it wrong, the results could be disastrous! Educate yourself to the hilt about T3 and its effects and argue your case with an endo. It seems to me there are more and more of them willing to allow patients to try it, but you have to convince them of your need first. I wish you luck.

  • Love it! Well done. Wish I had been a tiny fly on the wall...

  • Hahaha bet he was gob smacked when he realised you knew so much !

  • Brilliant! I love it. Well done.

  • Fantastic!!!! This has made me chuckle. Hooray to you.

  • Well done, I have hardly ever heard a good report about an Endo yet. I sacked mine after my one and only appointment with her. Don't really know what they get paid for. Hope you continue to feel well. x

  • Endocrinologists - bit like marmite.

    I sacked my endo after the first appointment, when he told me I had chronic fatigue syndrome. The problem was, HE had chronic bleeding obvious blindness syndrome. ;)

  • :-D brilliant!

  • Good for you girl!!

  • I bet you had so much more satisfaction because he had his little audience to impress! Nice one :)

  • So lovely to hear a positive story of someone feeling good...and telling it like it is! Go you!!!

  • Well done! I got better after seeing an endo. He was so useless that I decided to self medicate. :-).

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