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Bloody Endo!!

Well I've just come back from the Hospital. My appointment was with Dr E but I ended up seeing another Dr. I was there less than 10 minutes, took a list of all my symptoms, supplements etc and he told me most of my symptoms, bar 1 or 2 were because I was still grieving for my brother! (Lost him almost 2 years ago suddenly) I asked about the RT3 and FT3 blood test and he told me it's only done for people who are hyper and they wouldn't be able to tell if I converted properly because that's done in the cells. I feel totally distraught. I waited 10 weeks for this urgent appointment only to have him say this. He's had bloods taken (Blood count, Renal, Liver, Bone, TFT, Rheumatoid, Coeliac screen, FT4, TSH, LH FSH Prolactin. No idea what the last one is?) I've got an appointment with him in 5 weeks time but I'm wondering if it's really worth it if he thinks it's all grief. On a brighter note at least he didn't say it was all in my head!!

I'm now going to go down the private testing route but I'm not sure where to start. I was looking at Adrenals, FT3 and RT3 but not sure what else?

Any advice would be really appreciated.

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Snap! I know just how you feel. I'm just back from a visit to my endo. Read all about it on hypnotec's comment about can we trust the NHS.

Suppose you might as well see what his test results say and what he has to say about them maybe they will show him that it isn't grief that is the problem and he will have to start thinking of another reason.

At least paying Blue Horizons you get exactly what you pay for, not whatever the lab feels like doing which in my case meant they never tested T3. I used the Blue Horizon home testing kit, it was really easy to do and the results come back very quickly plus it is quite interesting - well I thought so - to go to the doctor for blood tests knowing what they ( hospital / doctor ) are going to find out. x


Thanks Fruitandnutcase I will try blue horizons. Did you have to take blood or was it just a finger prick test?


You get a kit with a couple of little 'hole punch' things, swabs and a tiny little phial. It says to 'milk' your finger which was actually quite easy once I got the knack. I was in such a rush to get the blood before it stopped flowing I ended up with bloody fingerprints all over the place - no wonder they say to put the label in when you have finished - anyway once I calmed down I worked out how to do it and filled the tube with no bother. You kind of push the tube which has a sort of lip, up against the hole you have made and the blood just flows out really easily. Then you seal it up - and in my case clean it up - then you do the paperwork, put the label on, put it all in the return envelope and pop it in a post box. Two days later your results appear in your inbox. Very easy and very efficient. :-)


Thanks so much. I'm going to do that tonight, after eating chocolate and having a baileys. I think I deserve it today!


Good luck. Just relax after hole punching your finger - the blood comes out really easily if you just keep pushing the tube up to the hole and I bet if you do it properly you won't be dripping blood everywhere. Lol - I produced enough blood to waste loads and then do it properly.


Sharon, the grief over a good friend's suicide in 2011 lifted 1 month after taking Cytomel. I suddenly realized that when I thought of her I didn't start to cry anymore. My heart literally broke and the weird floppy sensations that felt like I was going to die didn't go away until I was taking the Cytomel. Hypothyroidism made everything so much worse.

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I'm annoyed with the endo because he'd decided 2 minutes into my appointment that was the cause. I loved my brother and I'll miss him every single day for the rest of my life but I think I mostly know what's Grief and what due to my Hashi's. I know stress can make the Hashi's worse I just feel I wasn't listened to at all. It's amazing after starting the Levo how much my mood improved and all the symptoms I thought were grief lessened. That's how I know my symptoms aren't caused by grief. Thank you so much gabkad and Fruitandnutcase your replies mean a lot.


I lost a very dear friend three years ago.

I will only say that it is important to grieve, to really let rip. When I was training as a Body Realigner my colleague was working on my shoulders, which were up round my ears, and I started to sob with the loss of my friend - I really sobbed and shrieked; my shoulders dropped about four inches and the tension left them. I thought that I had coped with her death but I had not let it all go. The relief was, well...a relief. I have found so many people in my treatments have not dealt with their grief adequately to release the physical traumas caused.

Wishing you well.


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