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Another Endo to avoid

Yesterday, my wife finally got her appointment with an endocrinologist at Eastbourne's District General Hospital.

We went armed with lots of information and a private full blood test, including RT3 test to explain that my wife is Hypo because of a T3 absorption problem. (her T3 to RT3 ratio is 11.7)

The first chap that we saw was a registrar called Dr KI. He was very nice, he studied the blood test and checked my wife's previous test and when informed that her symptoms were unchanged and symptomatic of hypo agreed that there was something underlying, but would need to talk to his Consultant. He came back 5 minutes later with Mr H, who is well in the against camp. Whilst trying to be sympathetic he proceeded to tell us that all blood's were in range and that on those results he would not treat her.

He did however say that she was perfectly within her rights to be referred to another endo there for a second opinion and that he could do that for her now, but there is no guarantee that their opinion would differ from his own. He also said that we were free to be referred to an endo with a different treatment opinion if we knew of one, or that they would be happy to monitor my wife if her GP prescribed T3!

At no point did he say that she would not benefit from T3, just that he would not prescribe it. Yet another one that appears to be scared of the powers that be. The poor registrar didn't know what to say as Mr H. left my wife in tears.

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Mrp, I'm sorry it wasn't a good consult. email for a list of recommended endos. You may post a question naming the endo you want to see and ask for personal recommendations via private messages.


Thats a coincidence i asked the consultant at the hospital who treats my thyroid about prescribing T3 and he said ask your GP .So is it up to the GP and their funding as you receive the monthly prescriptions from them. just a thought.


It is so disappointing when feel so unwell and the GP doesn't know how best to treat. When you get an appointment with the Endocrinologist whom you expect will have more knowledge to help, you get stonewalled. It's quite appalling that they cannot permit a trial of whatever hormone makes you feel better. Obviously they know what the Guidelines of the BTA and RCoP are, so they don't want to jeopordise their jobs.


Just sent you a PM...


hi there mrp , I had exactly the same problem with my lady ...... and with the advise I received from this site I found the easiest way to navigate the ' system' ---- firstly do you homework and find the best available hospital that you can get to secondly go directly to your gp and request a ' 2nd choice option ' and state the hospital or consultant of your choice .....your gp will then arrainge for the paperwork for you to make the appointment direct with the hospital should only take about 1-2 weeks until you actually telephone the hospital to make the initial appointment [ but obviously the appointment may take longer , depending on their own wait times ] ....... this has and is still working brilliantly for my lady ......I hope this helps you and your own lady .......alan x


sorry forgot to add , if you contact louise warvill at admin she has a list of personally recommended endo's in most areas within the nhs .....alan


Please can you also let me know the name of this one - thanks! :)



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