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The power of NDT & now hopefully the road to recovery, but need some help please?

I have been under the supervision of my endo for the last year and have steadily increased my dosage of Levo to 150mcg.

I queried with him last time I was in the use of NDT and the thought that body was not converting the T4 & still had loads of side effects I was pinning to the Levo.

He said he hadn't an issue but rarely prescribed it & rather use synthetic T4 & T3 (shock). After my last test I had ordered Naturethroid and started taking 1 grain (airing on the side of caution). I can honestly say I felt incredible! All my symptoms subsided & my sugar cravings halved (they were bad)& I was running 5k and felt good!

So after 2 months my results are as follows:

TSH - 2.70 range 0.3 to 4.5

FT4 - 10.2 range 10.6 to 22.7

FT3 - 3.4 range 3.1 to 6.8

So the question is, my endo hasn't sent another appt letter & doubt it will be in the next 9 weeks. Would I be best to take 2 grains? If my levels are on the low side why do I feel so good?

Reason I want to be even better is that my wedding is in 9 weeks, there is a lot going on!

Sorry so long and thank u for reading x

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your TSH is still above 1

your free t4 and free t3 are still low in the range so yes i see no reason why you cant increase your dose but be careful


Not everyone needs their TSH to be below 1 in order to feel well.

It may be that these results are right for YOU.

I would suggest that you continue on your current dose for as long as you continue to feel well. If you start to feel that your symptoms are returning - then you could consider a small increase.

I would also suggest that you make someone - either your Endo or your GP aware of the change in meds, even if you just write to your Endo...

It may be important that it is on your medical records - if you were admitted to hospital and could not communicate, they would assume that you were on 150mcg of levo!

Good luck for the wedding! :)


Absolutely true, Louise.

We cannot on the one hand complain all over that TSH is a useless test, even that it is particularly bad for deciding if thyroid hormone dosing is right, and then repeat "TSH must be below 1" like a mantra. We are utterly inconsistent if we do that.

For myself, I have NEVER had a TSH test below 1. Yet I have felt what I was sure were feelings of being transiently slightly over-dosed.



If you feel fine, stay where you are. If you feel you need an increase, don't go straight to 2 grains, that's too big a jump. I put mine up a quarter at a time, every 2-3 weeks.


Hi all and thank you for your responses. It is still difficult to understand why I was 'blessed' with this disease but I guess if I am to live with it I best make the best I can!

I have 1/2 grains should I take those and see how I am feeling? I find this seems to be the best way for me. Also my docs are aware of what I am doing and as I am not badgering them seem to be supportive (or no choice!).

My intention would be to start a family if possible after I am married. Are my results 'bad' to enable me to do this?

Sorry for all the questions


If you are planning an increase, make sure you are keeping a note of how you are feeling and how much you are taking. Most people notice pretty quickly if they are taking too much!

Some people need a TSH of around 2 or lower to fall pregnant and have a successful pregnancy - but that is not the case for everyone and if you are feeling well then you may not need to worry..

You WILL need careful monitoring during pregnancy, however, and may need an increase. This is particularly important during the first 3 months I think, as I believe that the baby does not make its own thyroid hormone and just nicks yours... I think that's right, but don't quote me... We have some info in the office about pregnancy and thyroid, but I'm not sure if it's relevant for someone on NDT.

You can drop an email and ask for it anyway... :)


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