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Thank you - hopefully on the right road to recovery

TSH 9.9 (0.4 -4.5)

Vit d 49.2 (50-250)

Folate 9.1 (3-197)

Ferritin 77 (11-307

Visited my GP today and to discuss the above latest blood results. He advised that it was good news and my TSH levels had decreased from 21.99. I told him that I was not leaving until he treated me appropriately. I advised him to look at his NICE guideline and see that in April 2016 I should have been treated with loading doses of b12 (113) whether I was anaemic or not. Instead I was given 1 and another in August. I advised that I wanted loading doses from today until my symptoms of brain fog disappeared.

The GP advised that I do have Hashimotos. I advised that he needs to get my vitamin level at least half way up the ranges.

GP apologised and agreed to start 6 loading doses of b12 every other day for at least 6 times. He perscribed another 25mg of Levo (now 75mg). He has perscribed 5mg daily of folic acid, 210mg of ferrous fumarole and 40000u vitamin d (D3) tablets for 7 weeks.

I wanted to thank this who have advised me in my thyroid and b12 to date.

Can anyone tell me if all this is correct please.

Feel relived that I was listened to today but bad that it has taken this long and I had to tell the GP what to do!!

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Well done my Dear,

Great work, take you iron tabs 4 hours away from any Thyroid meds your taking and get some Vit C to take with the Iron to help avoid constipation.

Vit C also help the iron to absorb better.

J 🍀


What's T4 and T3 that people take? Is this instead of Lefo or alongside please and when is it required?

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MzChapperz T4 is levothyroxine. T3 is liothyronine. T4 (storage hormone) should convert to T3 (the active hormone) and many people do convert well. If conversion is poor then the addition of some T3 is needed either in the form of synthetic T3 (liothyronine) or by taking Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT) which is a combination of T4 and T3 made from pig's thyroid.

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Ok, T4 is Levo....Levothyroxine, that is what you are taking.

A lot of people with Thyroid Disease do very well on Levo.

T4 converts into T3 in most people. T3 is the active hormone that goes into our cells.

So, for some, that are poor converters, for a variety of reasons, need to add in some T3.

T3 is called Liothyronine.

Your GP said that you have Hashi. A lot of members go gluten free to help lower the antibodies that attack and damage the Thyroid.

Read plenty and you won't be long getting the hang of it MzChapparz.

J 🍀


Levo is T4. T4 is a storage hormone that has to be converted into T3, the active hormone. But, not everybody converts very well, so they need to take T3 - either with the levo or by itself - to bring their FT3 level up.

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My thyroid antibodies 157.1 (0.00-9.00iu/mL)


MzChapperz If that's the first time antibodies have been mentioned, then you need to know that you have autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's. This is where the antibodies attack the thyroid and eventually destory it. Whilst you are having antibody attacks your symptoms will fluctuate, as will your results. It's not Hashi's that's treated, it's the resulting hypothyroidism.

The best thing you can do is try to reduce the antibody attacks. You can do this by going completely, 100% gluten free, many members find this helps enormously. Gluten contains gliadin (a protein) which is thought to trigger autoimmune attacks so eliminating gluten can help reduce these attacks.

Some people need to be dairy free also. Supplementing with selenium also helps, as does keeping TSH very low or suppressed so you have a fair way to go with that.

Some reading about Hashi's:


Very well done MzChapperz , you can come with me next time I go to see my GP if you like :D

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You need to get your ferritin up to mid-range, which is approximately 160 with the range you've been given.

How many ferrous fumarate 210mg have you been prescribed per day?


Ferrous fumarate 210mg X 3 per day

Vit D 20000u two tablets twice a week for 7 weeks

Folic acid 5mg X 1 per day


I forgot to say, targets for optimal levels of vits and mins are:

B12 - top of range - the Pernicious Anaemia Society recommends 1000. However, once supplementing further testing will result in skewed results. You could ask for Active B12 test.

When taking B12 supplement we should also take a B Complex. Thorne Basic B or Jarrows B Right both contain 400mcg methylfolate* which will help improve your folate level.

Folate* - you need to get this to at least half way through the range. The B Complex above will help. Eating leafy greens also helps. If you have been prescribed 'Folic Acid' then this may not work too well, depends on how well you convert the folic acid (which is synthetic) to the natural form which is folate, which is why supplements containing methylfolate are always recommended. You can buy a folate supplement, Solgar do one which I think is 800mcg.

Ferritin - you need to aim for half way through range. Take each one of your iron tablets with 1000mg Vitamin C to aid absorption and help reduce risk of constipation. Take iron tablets 4 hours away from your thyroid meds and other supplements as it can affect absorption. You will need re-testing after your course because you don't want ferritin to go too high, that is as bad as too low.

D3 - recommended is 100-150. When taking D3 we also need to take K2-MK7 as Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues (your doctor probably doesn't know this). You will need to source the K2 yourself. Another co-factor is magnesium. D3 and magnesium should be taken 4 hours away from thyroid meds. Your D3 will need retesting after your intial course, I think the NHS may not do it again, or at least not for 3 months. Once up to optimal level then you'll need a maintenance dose of about 2000-2500iu daily, along with the co-factors.


Thank you for your help but I am finding it confusing.

Can you just let me know what I need to buy please?

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Hi MzChapperz,

You have done enough for 1 day.

Start on what the Doctor gave you for now.

Introducing too many new supplements at once is not a great thing to do. Take some Orange Juice with the Iron.

And rest tonight.

You can make a new post in a few days and let us know anything else you are unsure about.

J x


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