16,000 Members

16,000 Members

Yes, that time again. Another thousand members... :-)

This time a lament:

That only a small fraction of the 16,000 are members of Thyroid UK. It is so easy to join:


Maybe when thinking about membership we should be thinking about what our memberships could mean to TUK and all the other members - and not what we might get out of it individually?

And a second lament that only a small fraction of the 16,000 members have signed the TUK petition. It is so easy to sign (if a resident of UK+NI):


Despite the laments, a warm welcome to all the new members.


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  • Yes come on everybody take the plunge do both you will feel better!


  • LMAO! I would have actually killed him - with the rope! LOL! xx

  • I am in the mood for this today though! MaryFx

  • What - jumping off a cliff...!? ;) xx

  • I'd kill him to....

  • We wouldn't be here if it was for the initiation of Lyn Mynott who began Thyroiduk - read her story below and the thousands of unpaid hours she and her family have put in must be unbelievable. Louise Warvill (European Administrator of the Year on Healthunlocked), too, must be praised as I am sure her part-time position must include full-time work. Office equipment/phones etc have to be funded.

    We can also help others by asking shops etc if they could display Thyroiduk posters. Also many who have symptoms do not have internet connection and aren't aware there can be support:-





  • Thanks Shaws. x

  • Yes I agree. Welcome to the new members and congratulations to the ThyroidUK team. My personal feelings about membership are that I have been supported with my condition and therefore wish to support the ThyroidUK team by subscribing. I may not always be able to do this as personal circumstances change, but while I can I feel I want to.

  • Hopefully everyone recognises that inability to pay can be or could become a problem. Most assuredly I was not meaning to chastise anyone who cannot manage a contribution.

    Thankfully, there is a lot of freely accessible information on the Thyroid UK website.



  • I did not think for a moment that you were chastising anyone. I was writing about myself and my own circumstances.

  • Thanks Liza! :) xx

  • Well, without me having to search, could you say in a couple of lines what being a member involves. And maybe add it as a sticky post? I have been on this forum off and on for about 5 years and am really none the wiser about what membership is for. Xx

  • Hi Galathea

    Believe it or not, there has been a sticky post for 5 months! Perhaps the heading is wrong.....!




  • Doh! Yep heading is wrong. X

  • I am never sure what the difference is between a question and a post?? Please can someone enlighten me.

  • A question is where you want to know something.

    • Why has my TSH risen?

    • What do you make of these blood test results?

    • Can I take my levothyroxine at bed-time?

    Most often, you would use a question mark at the end of it.

    A post is where you have something to tell the other members.

    • A new paper that says it is OK to take levothyroxine at bed-time.

    • Eltroxin is not currently available.

    • Anyone with B12 problems might wish to follow this link.

    • 16,000 Members of HU-TUK!

    There will always be things that are not obvious – things which could be a post or a question. Just try to think whether you are trying to find out something – in which case a question – or you are trying to tell people – in which case a post. Where the decision isn’t clear, then no-one can really say you got it wrong. :-) Just do your best.


  • I have joined after a laps and have signed the petition. I would like to say Thank you for all the support from all of you that work extremely hard to improve the lives of Thyroid sufferers. I don't post very often, poor litrecy skills, but I am forever great full for all the help I have received.

    Wishing you all well

    Good Health


  • Here to help! :) xx

    Thanks for re-joining! xx

  • Signed up for full membership ! xx

  • Thanks Sheenah! :) xx

  • I have been a member for the past 12 years (I think), almost since inception and can honestly say I would not have gained so much knowledge and help without it. It has been well-worth the membership fee and I would urge all on the Healthunlocked site to sign up to Thyroid UK so you can ask more pertinent questions for your particular Thyroid condition. Thanks to Lyn and Louise and all staff at HealthUnlocked. Janet.

  • Thanks Janet! Gosh - you've been with Lyn for longer than I have! LOL! ;) xxx

  • I won't be for much longer if I don't pay my subs. Have had cheque book sitting on my desk for last three days ready to do this but still have not managed. It is on its way now! Janet.

  • LOL! xxx

  • Paid now, thanks for the reminder. always meant to get around to joining.

  • Thanks! :) xx

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