Great News! New Advisers for Thyroid UK!

We are so pleased to let you know that Professor Dr Rudolf Hoërmann, MD PhD and Dr John Midgley B.Sc (Leeds) D Phil (Oxford), authors of recent research showing that the TSH test is not log-linear, have consented to become Medical Advisers for Thyroid UK. Read more.....

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  • A very real and warm welcome to both.

    Impressive track records each of them has.


  • This is such great news! Welcome on board Doctors - we are so glad to have you join us :)

  • Amazing wonderful thanks for reeling them in. :-) wyn

  • fantastic work Lyn xxx

  • May sound like a stupid question, but what exactly do the advisors do?

  • Hi Greygoose, They will be answering any queries Thyroid Uk board have, writing reports/documents for us, approving new patient information leaflets and helping us with research among other things that I can't talk about yet! :-)

  • Thank you, Lyn.

  • we may have to kidnap you then lyn to get you to tell us...

  • brilliant lovely to know we have some backing,

    thanks as always

    Merissa xx

  • Amazing work from Lyn as usual! :-)



  • Lyn,

    That's fabulous news everything is rolling very nicely. It's a stellar performance from you as usual (sigh of relief).


  • Greatly appreciated. Thank you Lyn, for all that you and your team do for us.


  • Love your username! Sounds like a superhero. Not sure what your powers would be though ;)

  • Aw, thanks guys! Had a lot of help from Peter, one of our trustees. Joint effort this time! :-)

  • Whoops - sorry Peter! ;-) Still, you did organise it all while recovering from an op and covering the work of your hopeless secretary! ;-) xx

  • Great to have more support - thanks Lyn :) xx

  • Brilliant news! Well done Lyn :)

  • Great news Lyn, well done you (and Peter)! And welcome TUK advisors, so glad to have you on board, and thank you for supporting the Scottish parliament petition too.

    Off to read those interesting articles, it may take me a few attempts but I am determined to learn. Jane :D

  • Fantastic! What a brilliant site this is. You are all marvellous!!!!!

  • brilliant lyn..

  • Great news - the more support the better!

  • Great news

  • Wow!

    Well done to all concerned. This must surely indicate that we have high-flyers in this country too that are finally going to air their concerns - somehow - somewhere.

    Welcome to you both!

  • Welcome aboard :-) hope you may be able to spread the word throughout the rest of the medical profession that us 'thyroid sufferers" may need something more than just T4 to feel better. Thanks for joining TUK. Looking forward to your expert advice and opinions. :-)

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