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I'm not posting a success story (yet) as I'm still a work-in-progress, although greatly improved in the last 14 months. I do want new members to know there is light at the end of the tunnel for most people and that success stories have been posted on the forum although they aren't in this section because it was only created today.

There are also success stories posted on Thyroid UK's website in this link

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It's great to hear that you're starting to feel better :) thanks for sharing, gives me some hope!

Tinx71, so much better now. My main problem is rebuilding fitness after being inactive for so long. I wish people were given a realistic expectation that recovery may take months and that symptoms may lag behind good bloods by several weeks.

thanks for sharing that positive thought. ive started taking mine when I wake early morning, think it might be being absorbed better. fingers crossed, hope you continue to improve x

Dillydally, there is research showing absorption may be better when Levothyroxine is taken at night. As long as you wait an hour before eating and drinking morning dosing is fine. I like late night snacks so morning dosing suits me too.

Thanks Clutter! I'd been thinking of starting a thread asking what kind of improvement is reasonable to hope for. Will have read of the website section :)

Silveravocado, It will depend on how long you were undiagnosed and how severe your symptoms are/were and probably your age and fitness. I found symptoms lagged behind good bloods by 6-8 weeks. Once you are optimally dosed it may take time to rebuild fitness if you became inactive.

I'm 36 now, and was very active and fairly fit before. Did weightlifting and dancing regularly, but not an athlete or anything. I've now had 2 years unwell.

I'm still having the problem that my mobility creeps up for months, and then crashes down again. In January I was was going out walking all day. Lots of resting but was covering several km. But now I'm back mostly stuck in the house again :( It's now happened three times over about 18 months.

Silveravocado, that's disappointing and unsettling. I hope it improves.

Thanks Clutter!

Do you think this cycle of being better and worse is a clue? I wondered if it might indicate Adrenals? I'm going to see Dr C this after noon and will press him on it a more.

Silveravocado, I know very little about adrenals but I think it is worth investigating.

Keeping you in my thoughts, hoping your fitness levels return soon! Glad you are on the right dose!

Thank you, Rpaen.

I feel I am a success story having found I needed to take Nature Thryoid! and to also see the correct medical practitioner. Despite my conditions I am Thyroid wise slowly improving. MaryF

Mary, that's good news. It's very much harder to sort out thyroid when you have co-morbidities without the right medical help.

Well I had to look for it and became well read on here! Dr Barry DP was the right way for me, and then sourcing what I needed to take...MaryF

Mary, It was the information and support on this site which enabled me to sort myself out. I just wish I'd found it a year earlier.

I'm so happy Clutter you are feeling better. Wow, 14 months. I need to keep in mind that this all takes time and thank you for this. Our minds have a tendancy to run away when things go haywire with our bodies. This is so nice to know. You're Awesome!!!! :)

Thanks Debber. I've been on the right medication for 14 months and no longer feel ill. I need to work on rebuilding fitness and stamina after being inactive for a long time.

That's so awesome, Clutter!!! When we feel out best, we can be the best! When we get ill, it's hard to be active as it's like taking small baby steps just get through the day.

Yes, Clutter, rebuild your fitness. I, too, need to work on fitness, too. I used to to workout every day and I got away from it when I got to feeling bad... I think I am on the right medicine too ((NT)) but it's only been four months for me and I'm still having days where it throws me, but they are getting less and less.

Thanks for sharing your good news. Gives us all hope for the future:)

Thanks for sharing this, I'm very happy for you and it gives hope to know it can get better.

Hope you continue to get better Clutter. Can I many hours do you leave between blood test and thyroid medication?

Thanks, Neeta. 24 hours usually but I occasionally forget and take the 2nd dose of T3 at night which means 12-14 hours before blood draw. It's not so important for me because TSH is to be kept suppressed and I'm not looking for dose increases.

Hello Clutter Me ol' fruit bat!

Been out of the picture for a couple of months - serious family crisis, now settling down - I plan on writing my success story on the forum - when I get the chance - what is at the top of the priority list one day is at the bottom the next!!

Sheenah X

Hi Sheenah, look forward to reading it when it arrives at the top of the list :)

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