Thyroid UK need a new website and computer software

Thyroid UK need a new website and computer software

Thyroid UK needs to upgrade its website so that:

it is mobile friendly i.e. so that people can access it more easily from their mobile phone or tablet

people can find what they are looking for much easier

we can have a members only area

Thyroid UK also needs to upgrade its database system to a cloud based system that joins all aspects of our work which will improve the efficiency of our office, leaving us more time to campaign for better thyroid health.

Please help us raise funds for these essential items. Any amount, no matter how small, will help us enormously.

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Have donated. The least I can do for all the support I've had here and continue to have :)

Maybe consider sharing even if you can't donate yourself?

Thanks, Musicmonkey :)

I have also donated. You do a fantastic job. I've learned so much and had so much support!

Thanks, Lisabax :)

Hello, I would suggest if is possible to incorporate (affiliates) this forum & thyroid-uk to tapatalk ( for mobile phone(tablet), more friendly format.

Adin, TUK want a new website and software to make mobile phone and tablet use easier.

I've just tried to donate and the funding site wont work on my phone ;)

Will someone please like or reply to this message so it comes up on notifications and I can do it on the computer later.

Hi Silveravocado, would be great if you can try to donate via computer later :)


The check is in the post , as they say .😊

Thank you, PP :)

Donated easily on my iPhone!

I wonder if the site is optimised for Mac as all my apple devices work well on it.

I just hope an upgrade doesn't scotch all that.

But I go with the advice of the admin team on what is needed to keep up the excellent work.

Thanks, TSH110.

Have donated in appreciation for the valuable advice and ongoing support this fab site provides.

Thanks, Maro :)

Is it possible to donate directly to Thyroid UK for this so that the donation can benefit from Gift Aid and get tax relief?

Judburke, other ways to donate and gift aid information are in this link

Thanks I'll donate that way - then they get the tax back. Its worth more that way :)

Thank you, Judburke :-D

Have donated...Thanks for support :)

Thanks, Chelle2K34 :)

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