Important New Information about sending Feedback in support of the Scottish Parliament Petition

Important New Information about sending Feedback in support of the Scottish Parliament Petition

Thyroid UK has now been informed that there has been a change in the way feedback should be submitted for consideration by the Scottish Parliament in support of the Petition which was discussed on 5th February 2013.

Instead of each of us writing separately to the email address that was originally given out, the Scottish Parliament has now stated that the most effective and helpful way for lots of individual members to input into the process, is to write to Thyroid UK.

Thyroid UK will then summarise the comments and include the information with their evidence submission.

If anyone would like to submit something, please send an email to by Sunday 3rd March 2013.

For information on this very important Petition entitled "Effective Thyroid and Adrenal Testing, Diagnosis and Treatment", please see the page in the Campaigns section of the main Thyroid UK website here

Information about the evidence submission that Thyroid UK has been asked to give is here:

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  • Does that mean, information I sent to the Scottish Parliament immediately after the Video, has to be forwarded to you instead?

  • Good question Shaws. I don't know the answer, but I think yes, it would be wise to forward it to Thyroid Uk to be on the safe side!

  • Hi Shaws

    They said people CAN contact them directly, but that that was not the best way. So you can send it through if you like. :-)



  • I haven't done this yet and am not quite sure what sort of thing I should write. Are they after an account of my miraculous recovery on NDT v thyroxine :) ?

  • On the news item about evidence submission, there's a link to the actual questions that TUK has been asked. I would write about whatever you feel you've experienced that would help TUK answer those questions. Does that make sense?

    link to actual document (PDF)

  • Yes. I will watch the petition again to remind myself of exactly what they said :) Thanks.

  • Definitely - this is a very important point.

  • I am more than willing to write however I do not know what exactly what to write. I am waiting for an appointment to come through from Dr B. I am seeking her help as I have not felt well since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and taking the levothyroxine. Which is and has been for numerous other people noted on all the thyroid sites. All my symptoms I have written in blog in my blog on this site. I am still waiting for blood results from GP that I requested. Guidance of what to write would be most helpful.

  • When Lorraine refers to the test that GP's don't do, is she referring to Free T3 or rT3? I understand its about conversion.

    Also I signed a petition on the Scottish Thyroid Petition facebook page is that void now?

  • Hi

    Not sure. For a lot of people they only get TSH tested. I suspect she was talking about FT3 though.

    I'm not sure what you have signed. There is a Facebook group set up by Lorraine & the gals:!/scottishthy...

    But there is also another 'petition' set up by TPA which is really confusing things! :-(

    Hope that helps! :-) xxx

  • I noticed that on Thyroid Change they have set up a letter for people to fill.

    Please can we have something like that to help us write how we feel.

  • Not too sure a "Copy and paste" letter is a good idea? Perhaps make a list of all the bad experiences you have had with doctors and endos etc and then "cherry pick" statements from the "copy and paste" letter. Then put all that into a letter in your own way...complete with spelling mistakes for for added authenticity!!? That way they won't get the same letter from hundreds of people.

    Better to be short sweet and simple rather than something they might very well give up on after reading the same thing over and over again.

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