Time is Running Out! Feedback in support of the Scottish Parliament Petition needs to reach the Thyroid UK office by 3rd March

Time is Running Out! Feedback in support of the Scottish Parliament Petition needs to reach the Thyroid UK office by 3rd March

This is a re-post of my blog the other day, for the benefit of those that missed it and as a reminder to anyone who'd like to contribute to the evidence report but hasn't got 'a round tuit' yet.

Thyroid UK has now been informed that there has been a change in the way feedback should be submitted for consideration by the Scottish Parliament in support of the Petition which was discussed on 5th February 2013.

Instead of each of us writing separately to the email address that was originally given out, the Scottish Parliament has now stated that the most effective and helpful way for lots of individual members to input into the process, is to write to Thyroid UK.

Thyroid UK will then summarise the comments and include the information with their evidence submission.

If anyone would like to submit something, please send an email to enquiries@thyroiduk.org by Sunday 3rd March 2013.

For information on this very important Petition entitled "Effective Thyroid and Adrenal Testing, Diagnosis and Treatment", please see the page in the Campaigns section of the main Thyroid UK website here


Information about the evidence submission that Thyroid UK has been asked to give is here:


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  • Will they still take individual feedback? As a Scottish patient I would like to give them a relatively concise history of my own diagnosis and struggle to get medication within the Scottish NHS system.


  • And thanks for posting the date it needs to be in by, I hadn't seen it.

  • Hi Totoro, Yes, you can still submit yours directly to parliament if you prefer (or as well).

    petitions@scottish.parliament.uk and quote the petition reference PE01463

    Be aware that some people have had issues with the email address misbehaving, so keep persevering... maybe leave an hour or so in between attempts if that happens to you.

  • I am still waiting for my appointment to come through from Private endo and I am really not sure what to write other than I support the petition and that I suffer from being on T4. Would that be on the right track? thanks.

  • Hi Kerry

    That would be fine. :-)



  • Perhaps you can ask Edysia if you can incorporate her story into your report... it is powerful and heart rending...


    Silky x

  • Hi Silky

    I would hesitate to put anything else on to her plate at the moment. :-(

    Obviously, if she sees this and would like to submit something, that is her choice. :-)



  • Hi Louise

    Her story is already there for all to see... there are no restrictions on her blog so I didn't think one would need to ask her to do anything except give her permission. Everything you need to know is in her blog.

    This is really how nearly all of us have felt at some point during this illness... I know I have many times... except I don't and would never have the courage to come online like she has. I would do it without anyone knowing, and I certainly wouldn't ask for help. What she has done has highlighted 1000s if not millions of people's plights and how suicide is sometimes the only way out. A day doesn't go by when I don't think about it myself but I take each day as it comes. I am different to her in that I would never want to burden anyone and so no one would ever know... there are millions like me.

    Her story is on her blog... there is no need to even ask her... you can leave her name out.. . but at least you can say you have a member who is going through.... etc and you will also be talking on behalf of millions of others who are not so vocal and disappear offline without anyone ever knowing what happened to them..

    Silky x

  • Hi Silky

    I will pass your comments on to Lyn Mynott as she is the one compiling the evidence requested by the Scottish Parliament.


  • Forwarded mine now.

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