Support Us By Joining our Organisation!

Support Us By Joining our Organisation!

If you want to receive even more information and would like to help support the work of Thyroid UK, you can also sign up to our Annual Membership:

Becoming a member of Thyroid UK supports us and brings benefits to you. We need to show how many people have a problem with the way thyroid disease is diagnosed and treated. When we try to campaign or fundraise, we are always asked, “How many members do you have?” The more members we have the more we will be listened to.

The money raised from the membership fees goes towards the running costs of Thyroid UK and also towards various activities that we do to try to change things such as meetings and conferences where we can network and spread the word. Without funds, we cannot take on these activities. Please do support us by joining Thyroid UK.

What will I get in my membership package?

• A year’s subscription to our quarterly magazine ‘Harmony’

• Free access to online mini webinars on a variety of thyroid related topics

• Advance notification of full-length educational online webinars (small fee for attendance)

• Discounts for Nutricentre

• First refusal of tickets for conferences and seminars

• A membership card

• We also have plans to introduce a 'Members Only' section to the website; this would include online access to

back issues of Harmony and recordings of previous webinars.

How much is membership?

• £20 for a full membership or

£15 concessionary membership for senior citizens, students and people who are unemployed.

• For members living overseas:

£25 for Europe

£35 for the Rest of the World (ROW)

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  • I can thoroughly recommend membership.

    There are articles and book reviews in the magazine. If you have ever wondered how to read about the latest research, and books by those who have recovered and their physicians this is an invaluable resource.

    It was because of "Harmony" that we discovered the author of a reviewed book who is now treating my daughter and bringing her back to health.

    Jane x

  • Yes I shall take out another membership, the way your charity supports members is brilliant, in terms of advocacy, especially as there is often medical misunderstanding over 'those narrow tests' Also the content on here with up to date articles. MaryF

  • on the advice , empathy ,understanding and knowledge I have gained from this ====OUR === site you now have me as a life member [ please remind me when my subs are due ---- brain fog ---] and I will support in any wat that I can ......alan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Could you tell me how long I'll have to wait for my membership pack. I joined, via paypal, about 10 days ago (I think it was about that but i've not written it down anywhere!)but I've not received anything yet.

  • Hi Sharon

    Your Membership Pack went in the post on the 7th. Is there a possibility that it has been delayed by the weather?

    If you haven't got it by Friday let me know and I'll get another one out to you next week..



  • Thank you Louise.

    I haven't received anything as of yet, so would appreciate you sending out another pack. Blooming Royal Mail!!

  • Hi Sharon

    The office is shut at the mo due to technical problems. I will get one out to you asap..



  • Thanks Louise, take your time I'm not going anywhere, I'm too tired!!

  • Hi Sharon

    Back in the office - thank goodness! Will get something out to you ASAP! xx

  • Louise,

    can i ask if my pack has been posted out to me yet as i've not received anything.

  • Hi Sharon!

    :( :( :(

    I will check for sure when I'm in the office, but I thought this went ages ago! :(

    Please can you drop me an email and I will try and resolve this with you!




  • Louise - I received my pack a long time ago, but was too exhausted to look through it until yesterday (oh dear), and it's marvelous what you've put together. SO helpful. But I don't recall getting the Harmony mag. does that come separately or do I access it online?

  • Glad to hear the pack is helpful! :)

    Harmony comes separately as part of the membership - you can also get back issues.. :)

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