iron supplement - endo says i don't have to take it

Hi is this supplement any good and are my results abnormal? endo says ferritin is low and TSH is high, everything else ok.

endo at my appointment said i don't need to take any iron supplementation and my latest test results are

folate 6.2 (4.6-18.7)

ferritin 15 (30-400) - gp would not prescribe me a liquid supplement

TSH 5.01 (0.2-4.2)

FT4 18.9 (12-22)

FT3 5.2 (3.1-6.8)

vitamin b12 355 (180-900)

any thoughts on the above would be most helpful. thankyou :)

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  • Your endo is not doing you any favours by saying that about your ferritin level. You must feel appalling! I've just written a post to someone else describing the iron pills I take. You can find it here - the third post down :

    Hope it is of interest. :)

  • hi, odd thing is i feel pretty good. i do have symptoms but do feeling agitated, having dizziness, insomnia and cramping in legs count as iron deficiency?. i feel as though i have tons of energy at times that comes in short bursts but am i mistaking that for agitation? this is confusing..thanks for link, will look now.

  • The symptoms you describe do sound similar to what I had last year. My ferritin was 21 in May last year. I've been treating myself with iron for ages, and all my symptoms have now improved dramatically.

    I don't think you should ignore your results. You should treat yourself if your doctor won't help.

    Oh, and another thing - I think your B12 is much too low, and allowing that to drop further could put you at risk of neurological damage.

  • the doctor did prescribe me ferrous fumerate, sorry. but when i told the endo about this today she said i didn't need to take it. i am meant to take 210mcg a day 3 times - that seems a lot but upon reading your reply to the other person's question it seems routine. would taking a multivitamin be a good idea? i do have one that contains b12 and folate.

  • Your endo sounds like a dangerous, incompetent prat, to be honest.

    I couldn't comment on your multivitamin. Some are okay, some are not. Can you tell us the make and the dosage, or give a link to info about it?

  • my endo is not as good as i thought, then..oh dear. i better look elsewhere then before what she recommends of me does more harm than good.

    yes, i have the multivitamin here. info is below. couldn't find the link to it i'm afraid.

    it is called an energy release effervescent (one a day) orange flavour


    citric acid

    sodium hydrogen carbonate

    ascorbic acid

    magnesium carbonate

    calcium carbonate



    sodium carbonate

    potato starch



    tricalcium phosphate

    zinc citrate

    calcium pantothenate

    riboflavin phosphate sodium

    sweetener (saccharin sodium)

    colour (beetroot red)

    thiamine hydrochloride


    pyridoxine hydrochloride





    folic acid


    vitamin b12

    vitamin c: 476mg (595%)

    thiamin (vitamin b1): 10.4mg (945%)

    ribloflavin (vitamin b2): 13.6mg (971%)

    niacin (vitamin b3): 45.3mg (283%)

    vitamin b6: 7.1mg (507%)

    folic acid: 366ug (183%)

    vitamin b12: 8.6ug (344%)

    biotin: 130ug (260%)

    pantothenic acid: 22.7mg (378%)

    magnesium: 95mg (25%)

    zinc: 9mg (90%)

  • Sorry if ive got this wrong but didnt you say in an earlier post that you didnt like the taste of the ferrous fumerate and thats why the endo said you didnt have to take it

  • hi yes, i bought the feroglobin instead of taking the ferrous fumerate..

  • Your vitamin B12 is too low. It should be towards the upper level, definitely not below 500. If you supplement, buy methylcobalamin B12 as that's the best. Do not buy any B12 vit as some are cyanocobalamin. You can get sublingual from Amazon and they have a selection.

    Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism as you've no history in your profile? Have you been prescribed medication?

  • sorry, have i not included this in my profile? i thought i had. i will do that now. yes i was diagnosed hypothyroid in march 2014. thank you for recommending me the vitamin b12, i will buy some now.

    which medication in particular? i am on levothyroxine 100mcg and ferrous fumerate 210mcg but want to change it.

  • Hi Oh dear doctors! . If Ferritin/iron well in range, then OK if you have the more expensive test, NHS whivch includes transference % which needs to be high, this is the absorption for the iron. Good Endos say the only test in this context. Of course then if transference very low, like mine, you need more or stronger ferritin , Ferritin Fumerate, script, taken with a vit c, tiny amount in water, to help absorption.My Endo would also say B12 too low. , where is your vit D test, hormonal, Endo and Diabetes test, endo ,hormonal and autoimmune.?

    If you feel wrong, that is what counts.Low vit D especially greatly effects the thyroid.make sure you never take thyroid meds before a blood test.

    Best wishes,


  • hi there, thank you for advice. sorry, what did you mean by hormonal, endo, diabetes and autoimmune tests? i have other test results like testosterone, prolactin, LH, FSH, calcium, cortisol and autoimmune profile, was that what you meant? if so i will post these up in another question..vit d is pending. i don't feel too bad but i had some hand tremors today. i will post this up in another question, no worries.

  • Hi Vit D is not really a vit, wrongly named but hormonal, very tricky really. All hormonal things + electrolytes which are , Potassium sodium, calcium and magnesium are endo Diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. However, it needs to be some one good.B12 is also hormonal autoimmune, like diabetes. iron/ferritin and endo much better at looking after

    too.They have a huge knowledge because of their specialty Tremors can be high calcium, does not apply so most likely thyroid.

    Best wishes,


  • oops, i didn't include the electrolytes from the tests. my bad. when i get the complete blood tests from this month i will put them up as another question for all to see. thanks for explaining as i wasn't sure. :)

  • Your ferritin is 15 and way below even the bottom of the scale and the endo says you do not need to take iron ............What planet are these people on

    no wonder your TSH is still high

    without ferritin being at least halfway in the range ie 200 on that range you cannot correctly convert t4 into the t3 your cells are screaming for

    hence i suggest your t3 result is actually reverse t3 hence why t4 level looks high and TSH remains high

    Are you actually feeling OK because i would expect you to be full of symptoms

  • hi there, i feel pretty much ok. i had some hand tremors today however.

  • Here's a good vitamin B12 which you take sublingually under your tongue.

    Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12, 5000mcg, 60 Vegetarian Lozenges (5000mcg, 60 Vegetarian Lozenges) by Jarrow Formulas

    Here's a very gentle iron tablet which is made from beets which your body assimilates like food. It does not constipate and is very gentle on your stomach

    Mega Food Blood Builder 60 Tablets by Mega Food

    Read the reviews on this on the US Amazon site

  • thank you for the links, will take a look. sorry, before i logged on here i bought feroglobin, is that any good?

  • Yes I believe feroglobin is good. I haven't tried it myself but my sister has and she liked it. Spatone is also very good. I used to use it in the past. Has to be taken with orange juice. It is iron water.

  • ok, thanks for clearing this up. i only bought it today as it was quite cheap and i thought i would get it before the chemist's prices rose - not that they were but you never know. i didn't think it would be taken with orange juice as it mentions on the instructions to take undiluted. but if it's better taken with orange juice i'll go ahead and do that. :)

  • Spatone is taken with orange juice or another juice. The one you bought can be taken as is.

  • ok, thanks for letting me know. i just wanted to be sure and that i do everything just right. :)

  • That is ridiculous! Poor you, your level is way low. The iron the doctor prescribes tends to give constipation anyway. The best type to take is a liquid form. Try SpaTone. It's sold as a box of sachets in chemists and health food shops. It's a highly absorbable form of iron.

  • hi there, thank you for recommending me spatone. will look to get this on offer as online it is a tad dear.

  • Hi, I think "Vitabiotics Feroglobin" is good for iron and "Better You B12(Methylcobalamin) Boost Pure Energy Oral Spray (I got the spray in Holland and Barratts for 11GBP, but not all H&B have it). Both worked well for me but unfortunately my folate went over the range so I stopped the Vitabiotics Feroglobin. My Ferritn has improved: last month 81.77 (range 10-160) compared to 2 years ago 8.09 (range 6.9-282.5) but I've had a hysterectomy since then (had a huge fibroid) so I'm not having heavy bleeding now. My WBC count and RDW is at the bottom of the range (not sure what's that about!) My iron is 94.70 (range 37-145). Hope some of this info. helps :)

  • thank you for recommending me the b12 spray - i didn't think you could get it in spray form, wow. oops, i went and bought the feroglobin today before logging on here. is it not highly recommended? i thought i snapped up a bargain! oh dear. your info has helped lots as it gives me much more to think about in how to sort myself out. thankyou muchly :)

  • It should help to get a lot more vitamin C. You need it to absorb iron. What is your diet, your low B12 and iron suggest vegetarianism.

  • hi there i do eat chicken on occasion. i am not vegetarian but do not eat much meat as it is quite expensive to cook. thanks for suggesting i get a bit more vitamin c.

  • hi i typing one handed. i have been in terrible pain and can not use left hand. been awake wihh it since 1am. in the end i went to a and e for an x ray , 6 hours later, severe gout.

    ferritin low, b12 too low, tsh is high, tricky as ft3 ok. maybe a tiny bit less thyroxine, t4. it needs to be top third but better not higher endo needs to rite about them to gp not allowed to prescribe over 10! if you have the transference % done with it, different test and that is low, ore likely to give it you, ferrous fumerate much the strongest, needs a little dissolved vit c with any iron.


  • gosh, sorry to hear that. hope you get it sorted - sounds terrible. i think i am too much thyroxine myself come to think of it but i will put a separate question re this as not completely sure if i am overmedicated. i picked up feroglobin but it contains b12 so may skew the gastroscopy result. i will ask about the transference % with my doctor but i don't understand why the doctor or endo for that matter do not consider these things. thank you for letting me know and i hope your gout gets better. :)

  • hi b12 very hard to absorb unless an injection as like vit d not really a vit, wrongly named my endo is exceptional and says that the transference the most important test.spatone very weak, in fact only strong one is ferrous fumerate.transference test casts a bit more than simple irpn, my practice never heard of it , until i asked. told privately always done.

    in a lot of pain, i was asked pain score, did not want to make fuss, said 5, hospital said it is a 1

    multi vit and minerals, only tiny amounts, those ok as minerals the most important but not enough in there for real deficiencies.t4 ideally should only be in top third of range.

    best wishes,


  • hi maybe an injection is the way to go - but getting my doctor to agree to it is something else. maybe i ought to try saying something like my b12 should really be at least 500 or over and that an injection is the best way to absorb it i have trouble with standing up for myself on my own. FT4 is in top third of range at the moment at 19.3 normal range 10-22 (doctor lab) and private lab says it is 18.9, range same..thank you for your suggestion :)

  • hi the gp will not give not give b12 unless out of range. this is endo, ask endo to request it ,like ferritin/iron. the fact that your t4 is a little highish and tsh too high, means likely you need to have less levo/t4 and some, a little t3, split 12 hours apart. ,but not before the ft3 blood test as ft3 over range is really dangerous. i use blue horizon on line., well know lab and docs happy with this.. syringe, venous blood or finger prick. do not go through any private hospital. quote tuk10 for a discount.


  • hi, endo says b12 is normal. sorry, i only have T4 meds so am i not allowed to take T4 before having FT3 levels tested? i didn't quite understand..

  • I felt really tired and had palpitations when my ferritin was low. My iron serum was within range. My thyroid results were all fine so I decided to start taking iron. It was the best thing I did. My fatigue and palpitations disappeared almost overnight.

    Got the levels tested again after a year and my ferritin has gone up.

    I take Solgar gentle iron. I cannot comment on the Holland and Barrett iron supplements as I have never taken them. Solgar has done the trick for me and I will stick with them even though it might be more expensive.

    Your Vit B12 looks a bit on the low side to me but I don;t know enough about that.

  • i've heard of solgar thankyou for suggesting that. it is a bit expensive for me which was why i bought the feroglobin instead. endo will not comment on the b12 being low as it is within range and she even said so at the appointment.

  • On ebay: Iron Tablet- Ferrous Fumarate 210mg - 84Tablets - £5.49 inc p&p. I take 1 x day, with vit c for better absorption, also take Vit c Time release later in the day.

  • thankyou for replying, i was prescribed ferrous fumerate by my doctor and at the endo appointment i mentioned that i did not like the taste of it. she said i did not have to take it simply for that reason hence i bought feroglobin instead

  • no do not take any thyroid meds at all morning of the test, take afterwards. only other thing except beta blockers that applies to ,go back and ask gp about iron script. you can get used to itl

    b12 gp not s good as mine then.


  • hi sorry since my endo advised me i did not need to take the ferrous fumerate because of taste my gp was the one who prescribed me the iron in the first place. i did not want to go against my gp so i went ahead in collecting the iron script. i went back to my gp when i realised the iron was in tablet form and so i wanted to get a liquid supplement for the iron instead and they refused to change the script because the only iron supplement they did in liquid form was for babies and so would be weaker for me. i knew this was not the case as i had seen liquid iron available online after i was told i had low iron by the surgery's receptionist and bought feroglobin instead in Boots. if i go back and ask gp about the iron script, what would i need to say? they already know i have tried to change the script and they have refused to change it to a liquid one.

  • i see. i have to have ferrous sulphate max amount as transference less than 10%, absorption. desperately low. still not enough. the most important test for much depends on that test.if low causes lots of problems.


  • ok, thanks for your help. i speak to the doctor thursday re the iron result so i will suggest the transference % test and see what they say :)

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