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Weak/dizzy/drunk legs at night

Hello lovely people.

For the last few nights I have found it hard to get to sleep- something I never struggle with so it's very frustrating and making me more tired.

I get into bed and my legs feel like they are sinking uncontrollably into the bed and feel really weak. When I move them they feel really strange and drunk like. I get the feelings a bit in my arms but not to the same extent as in my legs.

I put a pillow under my knees last night so there is contact with something straight away, so my legs don't feel like I am falling, which helped a little bit if I don't move.

Can anyone shed some light on this or am I imagining it?!

Tbh they still feel like it now even though I'm not in bed.

Btw I still am suffering from severe weals.

Thanks again,

Lillie x

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How's your B12?


It was 2000 a couple of weeks ago because of my injection


Ahh ok. :)

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Do you also take good B complex? Have you had vitamin D checked and ferritin too?


They have all been fine. Think I cracked it! Think it was the extreme amount of histamine floating around in my body for days. Had to take 3 tablets yesterday, one just before bed and I slept like I usually do, hurray! I'll just keep on top of the allergy until I get referred to allergy clinic if needs be. Thanks again :)


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