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newbie looking for advice! Is there a correlation between levothyrozine and heart attacks?

At the end of 2016 was so unwell with a chest infection which occur frequently, I went to see GP, which i rarely do. She examined me and sent me for a ECG. According to her interpretation of the results of the ECG, she casually informed me that I had had a silent heart attack. That was it....end of subject!

A week later chest infection got worse, I collapassed and taken to hospital. Told them what GP had said about ECG showing a silent heart attack. The hospital carried out two further ECGs and could not find any evidence of a silent heart attack.

I baffled!

I have taken levothyrozine in various strenghts since 1992....!

does anyone know of any research out there concerning the effects of levo on the heart?

looking forward to any replies because I am going to see my GP to clear this matter up. Namely, did i have a silent heart attack or not.

Another question is: can levothyroxine raise cholestorol levels.

thank you all

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She should have sent you for more tests if she suspected a silent heart attack. My husband had one which showed up on a blood test and he went straight for an angiogram which resulted in 2 stents being put in.

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Bantam is right. This GP should have referred you to a cardiologist for an angiogram. Baffling why she didn't!?

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Google "Levothyroxine + Heart attack" to see whether there is any evidence that Levothyroxine causes heart attacks. Too much Levothyroxine can cause atrial fibrillation but that's not the same thing. I suspect your GP didn't interpret the ECG properly.

Undiagnosed and undertreated hypothyroidism can cause cholesterol to rise but it usually drops once optimally dosed on Levothyroxine. As your TSH is suppressed <0.1 it is unlikely you are undertreated.

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Being undermedicated and hypo can cause raised cholesterol, but high cholesterol does not cause heart attacks (it just shows an increased need to carry out repairs to the arteries).


I would trust the hospital over your GP as they have the people with experience there. I can't remember how the trace differs to show that but I do know one of the leads does show in inverted part of the graph compared with the others but because of the place that it's attached to is normal.


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