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Painful swollen feet and legs

I was diagnosed with sub clinical hypothyroidism when I visited my doctor because of my swollen feet and lower legs. So far I've had no medication & I am feeling worse every day - very anxious, tired, can't lose weight, and not sure which way to turn. Doctor has ordered more blood tests & 24 hr continuous blood pressure monitor as my blood pressure is much higher than normal. Are all these symptoms to be expected or not related to the condition? How can I help myself?

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All the symptoms you mentioned could be due to low thyroid hormone levels.

Could you tell us the timetable from first suspicion, when you have been tested, etc. Plus test results if you have any.

Assuming you are getting a new test over the next few days, get those results. Make sure you get the reference ranges (usually in brackets after the results). Post them.


Thanks - it was only a couple of weeks ago and my TSH was 6 - doctor didn't seem too concerned as she said the normal rate was 4.5 or below. As this was all new to me I didn't know what to ask. Now I know more I will request print out. My main concern is the swelling and pain in my feet and legs which is keeping me awake at night.


Get a print out of your results then hassle the doctor. You can be given levo if you have a test over 6.

However if the GP says you need a repeat test ensure the test is done first thing in the morning and you have fasted over night - you can drink water. Your TSH will be at the highest then.

Make excuses to ensure your test is first thing in the morning if you have to.

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Thanks, really appreciate the advice - the tests are scheduled for 9am so I'll avoid breakfast!


Swollen feet certainly seem to be a cause of hypothyroidism. My shoe size has increased from size 11 to currently size 13 which still feel rather too small. Fortunately a lot easier these days to buy larger shoes and boots at a reasonable price.

Suggest you buy bigger shoes, as I have been forced to, as feet do not shrink back to their former size. Sorry I can offer no advice on your more important issues.


Did you find it wasn't just your feet but my lower legs are really really painful to the touch and when I wake up in the morning are often really red. Does massage help?


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