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Bizarre and very cheering!!!

Worth a mention as it may offer Hope to others!

Having just last week received confirmation of Hashimotos - at the very least; I have recently in the last few weeks, thanks to some truly marvellous brains, sharing their knowledge on this wonderful site, discovered that I am more than likely to be wheat/gluten intolerant.

Accordingly, in my inexpert way I have started to cut out the suspect sources of the offending agents mentioned above.

I also recently went to the dentist with a very painful tooth/gum.

The excellent, young dentist diagnosed me with a suspected allergic reaction to the small mini denture I have to wear due to having lost a tooth some years back. She is Portuguese in origin and has seen this growing incidence of 'intolerance to plastic dentures' back home in Portugal, where they produce alternative hypo-allergenic dentures for people who manifest this reaction. Having made initial enquiries with the dentist reception I was told that if I needed a hypo-allergenic denture it is not covered by the NHS. They recognise it as a problem but they will not do anything about it.

Plastics contain Pthalates to make them pliable and they are known to be endocrine disruptors as they mimic oestrogens.


Now this is the 'Road to Damascus moment' .....

When giving my teeth a full examination, she also inspected the strange, 'bizarre cyst' that has developed on my gum, above my front tooth about 2 years ago. Having had numerous horrible antibiotics for it, which did absolutely nothing, I was sent to see the specialist in the dental hospital last February. He was unable to throw any light upon it.

He squeezed it, which hurt.

He pressed it and it was hard (presenting something like a little white headed blister on its crown).

The overall spread beyond its central peak was about 8mm and its height was about a good 3mm.

In your mouth that is always going to feel huge- more like the size of Crakatoa!

Well, I went to bed with it one night as usual, always checking it was there.... and next morning when I got up, it had vanished completely!!!


After 2 years of passing my tongue and my finger over it, it has gone totally.

No it did not burst, it has just deflated completely without a trace.

The specialist at the time said they were unexplained and 'sometimes went away of their own accord'!

It almost sounds mythical- but it has disappeared without a trace.

Also, my allergic response of 'inflammation' towards the denture seems to have receded too!!

I have been for the last month, since seeing the thyroid specialist, taking 4000 iu's of Vit D3 (Lamberts, which my GP has followed suit and prescribed for me).

And the only other change in my life is cutting out gluten and wheat.

Is the common denominator, 'inflammation response induced by the wheat and the gluten'???

I don't know.

But it is a positive and I thought I would share it in case it benefits anybody else.

Sharing information with everybody who follows and contributes to this forum, is like adding a tiny piece of the puzzle into a Super Computer and I have great faith in passing on 'positives'.

I hope it helps somebody.


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Very very interesting what you had to say about dentures with phthalates. I have 2 bridges in my mouth and one has never felt right. I have felt as thought my gums had swollen or my tongue was too big. Since going gluten free these sensations have reduced! You learn something new every day. As you say it is like fitting together a jigsaw puzzle and of course if I said anything to the doc about this I would be told it was a problem for my dentist to solve! What was that about medics working in separate silos and never exchanging anecdotes about patient experience. When will they learn we are not machines but a whole series of components that each have an affect on the others! Thanks for sharing.


Its astonishing. I actually thought I was going a bit potty coming to such conclusions! Thank-you for your reply. Much appreciated. :0)


so happy for you poppy , yes without the good advise and empathy that I have gained from this site my lady would still be spending every other week in hospital , with the answer ' we cant find out what the problem is -- so we are discharging her --- this happened on 4 occasions , only for her to be re-admitted within a week .....we need to keep sites like this going the old saying goes ==== information is power correct information is perfect power === alan x


So pleased for you, I too have huge improvement with my health going gf and lactose free.


Me too, I gave up gluten to help my Thyroid (Hashimoto's) and then Lactose. Huge improvements, especially that I can breathe through my nose without ever needing nasal sprays.

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