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Dental trouble


Since underactive thyroid diagnosis and treatment i have had on going problems with my teeth. They have become very soft and i lost 5 in one day. I was given a denture for my two front teeth which i have found so hard to wear, I am now looking for more permanent solutions. Has anyone tried mini implants for dentures.

I am interested in your expereinces of these or other alternatives.



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My teeth, or rather the enamel, is v thinned out thanks to nhs failure to diagnose coeliac for over a decade. Now i have gone g free i at least hope to have prevented further damage. But my teeth are so sensitive and i can only eat on one side. I have osteopenia due to coeliac. That has clearly affected my teeth too. I suggest a high dose of d3 daily. Switch to toothpaste without poisons like fluoride. There was a US brand, dr Collins, which may have been discontinued now. It was the only product without nasty ingredients that strengthened weak teeth as far as i recall, i did alot of research into this at one point.

yorkshiregirl44 in reply to Hidden teeth have gone from bad to worse going to the nhs dentist. Not doing fillings when they were neglect.

Iv not got that many teeth to look after now, i need replacements.

humanbean in reply to Hidden

There are various articles on the web about how to repair your own teeth :

I thought the above article was helpful.

Thanks will have a look at that


Boots do a toothpaste without flouride. It is called Smile but the also do Smile with flouride so you have to be careful which one you buy.

humanbean in reply to shaws

Holland & Barrett do fluoride-free toothpastes which I like. They sell a few varieties and brands. I've also seen a couple of choices in my local Waitrose. I tried the Boots Smile fluoride-free but didn't like it very much.

shawsAdministrator in reply to humanbean


Hi. I have had two dental implants in my lower gum. I have worn dentures for years and I wish I had known about implants before. They were not painful to have done, though sore whilst waiting to heal. I had to wait six weeks before I had the final denture fitted. I had a full lower denture clipped on to the implants Expensive but well worth it x

The ones im interested in are mini implants, your own teeth are removed and umplants and dentures fitted the same day.

Its reassuring to know that its not painful. The mini implants are less expensive. Thanks

I had an implant which dropped out less that a year later!

Did you get it put back in..any further problems

No had another tooth added to my partial denture. Was very cross at the time, was on holiday and it seemed an enormous gap. Can't remember what it cost now but it was a lot!

My teeth were one of the first symptoms (although I didn't know it at the time) endless abcesses that wouldn't heal. Crowns didn't stay put, teeth crumbled and the whole horrible process lasted years. At one point my dentist wouldn't believe that I had another abcess (making all four corners of my mouth excruciatingly painful) and didn't even look, it created a cyst cavity in my jawbone!

I then discovered that I was very deficient in vitamin D and moved from Levothyroxine to T3 only. My remaining teeth are fine now.

I use himalayan toothpaste, it is free from fluoride etc and makes your mouth feel clean all day. I buy it online from iherb. This is a great site for supplements etc too. Postage is incredibly cheap.

Im taking vit D supplements. I dont think anything can helpmy remaining teeth now,,they need removing.


Hi I am hypothyroid, long story but also five years ago diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome. It is another autoimmune disease. Anyway, I had lots of problems with my teeth but the worst point while on holiday in Florida two teeth broke off. One at a time both at the front. Spent two days at a dentist and it cost me £1200. Took months to pay off the credit card. When I got home I couldn't get it fixed for weeks (no appointment). Had two other teeth break off and eventually have lost all my teeth now. So please check if I you have sjogrens as the sooner they catch it the better the treatments work. Good luck

yorkshiregirl44 in reply to Hidden

I was tested for it a while ago which was inconclusive. My teeth just kind of fall out..its so depressing.

This is interesting. I suffer terribly with my teeth - what remains of them - and am at present on metronidazole antibiotic for abscess. (Think the anti making me feel very rough). My dentist says there is no correlation with my teeth problems and thyroid! He also prescribes me fluoride toothpaste, which I use everyday! Perhaps I shouldn't? I'm also growth hormone deficient, since pituitary surgery, and am being checked for vit d levels. It's one thing after another! Xx

Being hypothyroid hasn`t made any difference to my dental health. I do have a lot of filling dating to my late teens, but that was a result of pregnancy.

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