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Check out this list for a blood test !! :-) progress being made !

Met a new doctor, went armed with loads of information told her to get my TSH to under 2 !

Was tested for -



Full thyroid tests

Thyroid anti bodies

Vitamin D

FBC test

ESR test

HbA1c test

U&E test -

LFT – Liver Function


Lipid Test To check cholesterol.

Glucose (Fasting)

Prolactin Test

DH6A-S test (creatinine level )

FA1 Test


Calcium Test -

Get some results tomorrow :-)

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Forgot to say that my results were tsh 4.8 !!!! Was told I was fine - went and researched and told them to get stuffed :-) hence why the new doctor has done all the above !!! Am waiting nervously for my results tomorrow

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You did well! :-)


hello -

where is your doctor - I would very much like to meet one that is willing to do all those tests! :-)

best of luck, and Big Hugs




I think it's because I walked in in my business attire and meant business :-) x I was literally suited and well groomed, my husband also came from work so was suited and booted and I think she could see that we were not messing around ! Also that I knew my stuff a bit helped as well

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like it! :-)

unfortunately I am currently stuck in a wheelchair and no matter how smart I try to look my husband ( pushing the wheelchair) looks like he has come straight out of Sons of Anarchy TV show :-)

I hope all continues to go so well for you - go get them!

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I am only 32 but have had this since I was 16/17 - it's never been "right" but really bad recently so I went back...... Currently on Levo. 175 but hoping to go up to 200 to try and bring the tsh down to under 2


Mrs Somerset you did make me smile then :-) we may be unwell but always have our sense of humour x thyroid uk have a list of private doctors if you wanted to try and go privately x email Louise ( on the contact us page) with thyroid uk and this health unlocked I would still of been chugging alone ( very slowly) but luckily my new gp was a bit more understanding (NHS gp ) but I was ready to go to town if I needed too. Don't give up x


Better than mine who could see my ferratin iron was normal when I had actually had glucose and kidney function tests!


B12 is another test that you need, many of us with thyroid disease have low B12, ideally it would be above 500.

I did not feel well until my Free T4 was just above the top of the lab range, this means that my TSH is always suppressed but so be it.

It's all about being within the ranges, but how can we possibly feel the same with our result rock bottom than we would with it at the very top?

Will look forward to seeing your results. It usually takes a little longer for your vitamin d result.


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Thank you Sue - I will keep you all updated Tomorrow x


Actually I think the b12 is mixed in or part of one of the tests they did ....... But I will check tomorrow with them x


You may be under the impression that the B12 will be included in the FBC - sadly it isn't.


I have been suffering from tingling, fizzing sensations for months now and after reading a lot on here wondered if it could be B12 deficiency. Had some blood tests done and didn't hear anything (our GP practice works purely on the premise that no news is good news, so you never actually know what the figures are!). Today while seeing GP about this again, I asked what my B12 level was and was told it was absolutely fine at 268 - said about mid-range.

Also gave me some other figures and on the LFT test the ALP was 91 (range 25-92), but again was told all is fine. I thought this seemed a bit near the top end:(


It really is important to have lab ref ranges. B12 ranges I've seen range between 180-900. Yours is low IMO and you would benefit from supplementing with sublingual lozenges as tingling is a sign of B12 deficiency.


Finally I have some answers !! My apologies for taking my time but the appointment was only today: my vit d levels were low and I also noticed that my white blood cells were under ! My thyroid results have changed again so I hope someone may be able to advise me


Total white blood count 4.17 (4.5 - 11)

Neutrophil count 2.44 (2.5-7.5)

Lymphocyte count 1.23 (1.5-3.5)

Thyroid function =

Serum tsh 0.24 (0.3-5.5)

Serum free t4 22.2 (12.0-22)

Serum free triiodothyronine 4.9

Serum vit d 22nmol/l (50.0-144.0)


We are keeping me on my 175 Levo a day ( I have been on 200,125,250 blah blah blah in all manner on ways over the last 15 years !)but 175 for about 3 years. Been prescribed vit d tablets - anymore advice / info based on these results


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