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think i need to increase, should i a few days before blood tests?

hi all!

13 weeks pregnant and doing ok but last week or so feeling like i need to increase thyroxine, had bloods taken at hospital last week but not recieved results yet. Am currently on 100/125 (was 100 pre pregnancy), but feel i need to increase to 125. Have bloods on monday, should i go up now? effectively i will only actually be taking an extra 25mcg from now till then so dont know why im flapping! Just worried it will make my bloods look better than they are if that makes sense.

I wont be taking them until after the test on monday,

thanks as always :)

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If you feel you need an increase I would up your dose as you suggest. Why is your doctor not looking after you? It is important for you and baby that you are properly medicated.

Wait till after your blood test and you know not to take levo until afterwards. Your blood test should also be taken as early as possible.


so will i take 125 for next few days?? will it make any difference to bloods, i though it took weeks for the dose change to show in bloods...

honestly shaws, im basically self medicating...dont get me wrong my bloods have been fine (well last ones i had were a few weeks ago and tsh 0.29), but thats cos i have very gradually increased myself from 100 based on dr wouldnt have increased me at all, but im sure my numbers would still have been ok, its just i wouldnt have felt ok.

Still waiting to see an Endo....

im doing ok tho, just had a week of feeling tired and weak most days so pretty sure i need to go up a bit xx


I think your medication should have been increased as soon as you were confirmed pregnant.


Yes but my tsh was 0.04 when my pregnancy was confirmed so that would have been a bit dangerous ;)


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