Blood results 8 weeks after increase to 125 levo

Hello everyone,

I have bloods results back today 8 weeks after increasing eltroxin from 100 to 125, they are as follows,

Tsh 1.35(.35 - 4.94)



Ferritin 60(11-307)

B12 496(120-650)

Folate 15(3.1-19.9)

My question is this I am feeling better somewhat in last few weeks, but legs still weak and hot on exertion, still lightheaded, and sleep is all over the place. Should I increase Levo again or take iron to bring up ferritin from 66?

I have appointment with a new highly recommended endo in October, want to discuss t3 as I am 8 months post tt and feel I should be better.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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  • I think ferritin is still low and will make you feel tired. Ask your Endo what is ideal range when you visit. You could ask your Endo about getting a blood test after supplementing to keep an eye on it.

  • Thank you will start iron and check in Oct

  • You do actually need an increase in levo. Your TSH is still a bit high, your FT4 only just mid-range, and your FT3 not even mid-range. Could have something to do with your fatigue.

  • Thank you going to increase to 150 tomorrow. So ft4 should be about 20 and ft4 at 5?

  • Thank you going to increase to 150 levo, should I aim for ft4 of 20 and ft3 5?

  • You should aim for the level that makes you feel well. That's the point of thyroid hormone replacement - keep increasing until symptoms are gone. But, the higher your levels, the smaller your increases should be.

  • Thank you greygoose I value your opinion, I want to be proactive with this. Do you think ferritin of 60 is too low?

  • Yes, I do. It should be about mid-range.

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