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pregnancy levels, can someone have a look?

hi all!!-

nearly 19 weeks pregnant, began this pregnancy on 100 eltroxin with a tsh of 0.04 (0.27-4.2), have very gradually increased myself (which doctor okayed), to 125, so the past 3 weeks i have been on 125. Before that i was on 100/125 alternate days.

my last bloods 5 weeks ago were tsh 0.38 t4 18

i was on alternate 100/125 then. Felt i needed to go up slightly since then so did.

bloods taken tuesday: tsh 0.64 t4 17.8

so my levels are dropping a bit despite going up slightly...

sorry for all the confusion!! im just wondering:

was the 2 weeks enough time for the increase to register in the bloods, i have been feeling under par and still am a bit, or do i need to keep on 125 for another few weeks to see if they get better?

Or do i go up a bit more? Yes i know they are ok, but i only feel well if my tsh is much lower than that, which my dr knows.


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just to add, i had started taking my thyroxine before the blood tests as i wasnt going to risk feeling unwell while pregnant so they might be slightly lower than that.


Grace, if you feel better with a lower TSH try 125/150 alternate days. 2 weeks on 125mcg would have been long enough to register on the blood test. I hope your pregnancy is progressing well otherwise :)


thanks thinking i might just carry on for another week then do that, usually i go to my dr and say "oh i went up a bit", she`s used to me now ;)

she is testing me every 4 weeks now which is great. Thanks for advice, i didnt know 2 weeks was long enough for it to register, i was surprised as i wasnt feeling great so assumed i might have gone slightly over, i think the symptoms overlap more than we realise!!


I was monitored every 10 days in Dec to ensure my TSH was falling after it climbed when I stopped meds for a while. Although 2 weeks is enough to reflect in your serum it does take 4+ weeks to *feel* the dose change at a cellular level so waiting another week to up your dose is a good idea.

I tend to tweak my doses too and get the endo to rubber stamp them :-D

Reply not the only tweaker!!

would prefer not to being pregnant but have 2 other kids to take care of and feeling ill isnt an option.

Pregnancy is going fine besides, thanks...i get extra scans cos of the thyroid which isnt bad ;)

Found out we`re having another girl so very happy my 20 month old will have a little playmate.


I would have had a blood test 4 weeks after having been on 125.

Also regarding taking T4 before or after the blood test: just 'be consistent', if you normally do not take the tablets before a test then carry on doing the same, don't 'chop and change' from one blood test to another :)

ps fT4 levels do drop in 2nd trimester (where you are now), go by how you feel more than the test itself. and going to 125/150 alternate days now it won't harm, but again I'd leave 4 weeks before the next blood test if you can.



I have taken thyroxine for the last 3 tests and will continue to as im having them so frequently.

Maybe i should try 150 twice a week for now? I do worry it hasnt been quite long enough on 125.

Thanks again x


Having just stepped on the scales and seen a shocking gain the last 2 weeks, i think i will try 125/150!! Ive been eating healthily too...


that's ok (to try), but please do not go on the scales anymore for the rest of your pregnancy, actually sell the scales or throw them away LOL

Weight in pregnancy should NOT be monitored, when you go to your midwife/GP if they want to weigh you decline, tell them it is 'outdated' practice. The only time someone should be weighed if they have some serious problems (and thyroid is not that) and even then not too often anyway.

weight gain in pregnancy is highly sporadic/irregular and tells you nothing about yours or your baby's wellbeing.


Isnt it a good indication of how your thyroids doing tho? Ive gained 3lbs this past week so obv am quite concerned. Thanks tho :) really appreciate your help.

Took 150 today and actually feel motivated to do housework. Hav been feeling a bit under anyway although its hard to tell when your pregnant!


No actually, but even if it was 'for you', the 'weight' thing goes OUT of the window in pregnancy. STay off the scale, go by other symptoms and just keep eating healthy, not too much carbs and sugars unless you want a really large baby :D xxx get your b12 checked unless you have done so already in the last few months


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