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Taking 2000 iu's of vit d a day with food. Wake feeling nauseous, with ringing in ears, clears after an hour. Is this a side effect?

GP great,retesting after a month to check level, was 24.5, and assess everything. Can't find much about side effects in available literature. I take it with food, Professor Michael Hollik leading scientist re vit D says it's ok to take with or without food. Have been hypothyroid for 15 years but still suffer fatigue. Hoping vit d will help. Any thoughts anyone?

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24.5 what? need units. Sounds much too low in any usual UK range (nmol/L units). How's your B12? that can cause ringing in ears if low. Also low cortisol or blood sugar can cause morning nausea.


Realise deficiency is significant at 24.5 nmol/L ,B12 is 301 ng/l,low end of range so was thinking of trying tablets, have read that everything can work better if folate and ferritin supplements are taken too. They are at the lower end of the range.

Deficiency diagnosis was recent, April 14th and have read much since, Michael Hollik,Dr David Grimes,various protocols.

Would love to fast forward myself into wellness but prepared to be patient and find the right supplements and doses as far as possible.Still researching listening to others and learning.

How could I address the low cortisol and blood sugar?

Many thanks for your reply.


grassrootshealth.net There you will find a chart that will indicate the dose for VitD in order to reach OPTIMAL. Remember to convert your result to ng/ml by dividing your result by 2.5. VitD is fat soluble so best to consume some fat with your dose. At 2000IU's it will take a long time to feel well. I think you need to increase slowly to 5000 IU's a day. I live in the sun and take 10,000. VitD is a non steroidal pre-hormone.


The above link will tell you everything you need to know about B12....


Found out I was deficient,24.5 nmol/l on April 14th and have been researching much,including B12. I realise it can be a slow process to feel well. Glad you suggest increasing slowly,I think my G P's approach is the same,saw him two days ago and queried the low dose given that loading doses can be much higher.

Have appointment next week post second blood test,to discuss uptake so far and future dosage. B12 is at the lower end of the range,about to buy supplements. He is very happy to discuss and monitor this as we go along.

Have managed to catch a few rays recently and intend to catch more even though I live in the North West of England. Amazing how we've been so discouraged from being in the sun.

I have been quite housebound because of other health issues for nine years,so can see how my vit d has become so low,little gardening orwalking now!

However I feel positive that I may at last be able to do something about my situation,need to keep at it and have patience.

Many thanks for your interest,patience and suggestions.


Your B12 is VERY LOW. When you read the link I gave you above - you will see that you only absorb about 20% of the result at a cellular level where it is needed - so that is very small. Sally Pachlok - who wrote - Could it be B12 ? - states that one needs to be around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline. Also in Japan the range is 500-1300. Neurological symptoms can start at anything under 500. It could be the reason for your morning symptoms.... Do not let your Doc tell you it is fine - it is not and needs to be near the top of the range. What are you planning to supplement with ? Don't forget to ask for the Ferritin - Iron - Folate to be tested too - if you haven't already done so... Do you have gut issues that could be affecting your absorption and assimilation of B12 and other vitals.

What is your thyroid treatment ? You are right about needing patience - it can take at least 3 months for vitamins to work. It also depends how long you have been deficient....

Good Luck :-)


Had read about the Japanese range so knew I had to address my b12. Also saw documentary about Dr Chandry North eastern GP,and have visited the resulting support site and done the questionnaire which demonstrated a deficiency.

My GP sent me for a full blood count because of tingling/pins and needles,in buttocks,thighs and lower legs. Everything was in range,folate 7.5, ferritin 144. I have the print out, no probs at all getting one. No cost,no quibbles. No treatment though because all is in range. Fortunately I can afford to fund myself.

This has all been worrying but the fatigue I've had for years makes it difficult to get things done. I have to pace myself constantly. I had a small bleed, a haemorrhagic stroke, 9 years ago, when the really bad fatigue started. No known cause, I've battled my way through ever since to improve but it's been a lonely struggle.

The vit d test came about as a result of a suggestion made by a chronic fatigue clinic nurse I saw in an attempt to move things on. The nurse was excellent but I wasn't within the clinic's remit so theycouldn't treat me. She gave me excellent positive encouragement though. She was also in favour of t3 to help with the hypothyroid. At the moment I take 75 mgs of levothyroxine.

This is the short version of my story!

For many years I've had sleep problems too, however since I started the vit d, I've had approx 5 nights of more than 4 consecutive hours and remember some dreams,feel better for that.

I really appreciate your second reply I'll look for recommended supplements and buy some tomorrow.

In defense of the NHS, although we are aware of the shortcomings, on this site,my husband has been treated for his cancer and it's consequences for the past 3 years with expertise and amazing kindness, this helps me to deal with the negatives I experience with a little more patience.

Thanks again and take care.


Sounds as if you have everything under control :-) Sounds as if you have had a stressful time too which may have depleted some of the vitamins. Maybe you need to add T3 to your T4 for improvement as ringing in the ears can be thyroid related as well as B12 - so confusing. Am sure when everything is optimal you will be feeling good. Take a quick look at my profile if you have time and that again is just the short version :-) Yes the NHS were great but forgot to tell me that I would need B12 injections for life !...and that LOW VitD is involved in both TB and Crohns :-) Perhaps they didn't know all those years ago - about the VitD that is.....

Wishing you well soooooooon !


Well you have certainly been through the mill,I congratulate you for sounding so upbeat and engaged with life.Crete sounds warm and wonderful. Thanks again for the encouraging advice, I have started B12 and folate supplements. Will keep posting as and when.

Take care.


:-) :-)



My vitD was deficient <10. I was prescribed 40,000iu daily x 7 days as a loading dose followed by 2,000iu day for 8 weeks. I didn't have any adverse effects and muscle and joint pain I'd been experiencing disappeared after 6 weeks. Six weeks after supplementing joint paint came back so I'm supplementing 5,000iu daily which has fixed it.

My B12 was a bit higher than yours and I supplemented 2-3,000mcg daily and it was 700 when retested 6 weeks later. I continue to supplement 1,000mcg daily as you can't OD on B12 and any excess is excreted in urine.

Getting vits and minerals high in range makes an enormous improvement in one's well being and aids absorption of thyroid meds. You don't say what your thyroid function test results are. FT4 and FT3 are optimally in the top 75% of range. If yours aren't it could account for your ongoing symptoms and fatigue. I'm surgically hypothyroid and the addition of T3 to Levothyroxine and fixing my vitamin deficiencies has got me on the road to recovery at last.

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This is very helpful, would you mind telling me which b12 supplements you used, was thinking of trying Jarrows or Solgar,sublingual. Really appreciating the facts figures and the positive outcomes described.

Will ask for last thyroid test, print out, at next appointment. Issues have been overwhelming and changing thyroid meds has been on hold. Sort of hoping that improving the vits and mins might help the levo to work better!

Early days re improving my vit d levels, but I've alread had some better sleep,an unexpected but not isolated improvement, according to US Dr Stasha Gominak,neurologist dealing with sleep and headache issues for many years. Noticed that all her patients were D deficient,treated them and added folate and B12 too. Everyone improved.

Her science isn't as solid as others but I hold with the theory that sleep is vital to repair and recovery. See lectures on youtube.

So glad you're on the road to recovery.


Helen, I take Jarrows B12 1000mcg sublingual. They taste lemony. They do 5,000mcg too. I'm also taking Solgar B1, B2 and B6 but alternate B6 every other day as long term use can cause tingling. When these are finished I'll probably get a good B complex.

It can take a couple of months to feel improvement when supplementing but it does make a difference.

Sleep is essential to health and hypoT patients should aim for 10 hours a night and daytime naps as required.


I bought Solgar and have started them both. Fingers crossed, am feeling much more positive about potential improvement.

Once again, thanks for replying.


You'll probably notice an improvement in your skin plumping out and looking better in 4 weeks or so followed by improvement in mood, aches and pains 2/4 weeks later. You may be less likely to sunburn too.


Oooooh nice, unexpected improvements to look forward to.... Cheers!


Helen, are you taking any magnesium?

Magnesium helps a great deal with this regard. I could not tolerate vitamin D without it.

Yes, Vitamin D should be taken with food which ideally have some fat content in it.

Your B12 levels are also low. Perhaps 1000 mcg/day of methylcobalamine either Jarrow Formulas or Pure Encapsulations (comes in liquid or capsules).

Hope this helps!


Hi Melanie,

Seem to be tolerating the Vit D okay now, taking 2000 iu but I'll bear the magnesium in mind because it's been mentioned by others as helpful.

Started Solgar B 12 sub lingual nuggets 1000 iu and Solgar folate tablets 400 iu ,last few days ,not settled on doses yet so starting slowly. I'm thinking of adding some ferritin,but wary because any iron supplements have had a constipating effect in the past.Overall I'm sleeping better than I have done for years.Hope this continues!

I'm not quite up and running with the posting,do you happen know whether it's possible to send private posts?

Thank you for your input, everyone is so kind Ive been a bit overwhelmed!


Hope you'll continue to improve.

If you clicked on the name/photo of the person, you'd see on the top right hand corner of the new page, 'send a message' sign. I have not used it but I believe this is how you send private messages.




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