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Does anyone have atrial fibrillation?

I was diagnosed with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF) last August, at a time when I was on the waiting list for thyroid surgery. Since then I had several episodes of AF (lasting for six to twelve hours on average). Been taking flecainide for a while and recently also Dilzem. Waiting for catheter ablation and warfarin clinic to commence.

In the meantime I had the thyroid glands removed completely. Initially I was prescribed T3 which sent me into the worst ever episode of AF. I was then given levothyroxine (100 mcg) which is more agreeable.

If my AF was caused by thyroid problems in theory the trigger should now have vanished, no? But I still got one (light) episode of AF over Easter, two months after thyroidectomy and while on T4. However, no blood test was done after I started T3/T4 medication so I don't know my levels.

I wonder if there are other people who are suffering from both conditions and how they experience the link between thyroid problems and AF.

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Hi Thyroid disease can bring on early onset Atrial Fibrillation ( AF)It is vital that you are put on warfarin immediately. You need to be under an arrhythmia specialist Cardio. Not to serious but needs treating,meds, until permanent.It gradually gets worse, then there is procedures that if lucky. will clear it up for a bit. however, through all , once diagnosed you need to be on Warfarin as the main risk is clots.This is even if temporary cured.

If the FT3 is too high or even very low, it really does effect the A.F and frequent bloods at the moment, TSH, T4 and FT3 are essential. For this reason a lot of cardios are totally against T3 or NDT ( as contains, T3). however, so long as used with caution it is fine.

I hope that helps.



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