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Anyone had atrial fibrillation caused by thyroid problems?

Now experiencing atrial fibrillation after being 16 months without problems. I'm a cardio patient, had Amiodarone-induced hypothyroidism but was taken off that drug a year ago. My TSH went first one way and then the other and levothyroxine was reduced to 75 mg 5 months ago. Had a blood test yesterday and awaiting result but has anyone experienced problems when coming off Amiodarone?

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I believe I have, but not diagnosed. Seems to be triggered by alcohol when on T3.


This is a link re heart and hypo.


I had AF diagnosed last year along with other cardio problems. Although my cardiologist and GP won't make the connection I firmly believe the heart problems are caused by years of undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Although I take many heart drugs I've not taken amiodarone.


Hi mrspat

Last October I was diagnosed with AF the usual symptoms , pulse erratic , higher rate 160/170 ,heart flopping about . After investigation hyperthyroidism was diagnosed possibly Graves' disease . Am currently on block and replace therapy , warfarin ,bisoprolol and at the moment symptom free .Was told by endo that this is fairly common cause of AF


I had both Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter before I was diagnosed with Constrictive Pericarditis.

My Cardiologist treated the two disorders separately although I am almost sure the heart condition which was very serious caused the AF. I was put on Amiodarone as nothing else kept my heart rate down.

Then in between times I had three cardio versions and three ablations but was told that these would only help the flutter. The third ablation seemed to do the trick but having a Pericardectomy definately stopped the AF.

I was then taken off the Amiodarone as I no longer needed it.

I did carry on having Atrial Flutter afterwards and then about 18 months after my surgery I developed Graves disease, the Atrial Flutter only stopping when I was put on Carbimazole. I can only put developing Graves down to being on Amiodarone, even though the Endo's disagree. No one in my family that I know of, has any kind of thyroid problem and even if I was borderline before (without knowing it) it could only have been the stress of open heart surgery and/or Amiodarone treatment seeing as it contains a very high amount of iodine.


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