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Help dr is useless only does bits on blood tests


Currently on 75 thyroxine

Latest blood tests are 2/5/14

Tsh 3.21 mu/l ( 0.27 - 4.2)

Free t4. 14.4 pmol/l. ( 12.0 - 22.0 )

T3. 4.3 pmol/l. ( 3.9 - 6.7. )

Feel like crap symptoms


Joint aches

Cramp right calf

Mood swings

Puffy face/ sacks under eyes

Meds are two different generics

Taking milti vitamin.



Any info would be good before I go private to a endo

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It is simple. You just need a higher dose. All your results show this. Could you give him a list of your symptoms and ask for a trial of 100 per day? How do you get on with your GP? Is he likely to agree? If not, try the private route if possible, as it usually works.

Agree with hennerton, your results are terrible for someone on medication.

I wouldn't bother with a private endo. As it has already been said you have a lot of wiggle room here for an increase of meds.

Do you have the Pulse article by Dr Toft, or his little book? He says some people don't feel well until their tsh is below 1. Many people here bring this to their gp with some level of success.

If you're on enough to get your tsh potentially lower than 1 and restore you to health and you still don't feel well after a few months, then maybe you'd want to change doctors and possibly meds.

Hi where can I get the pulse article by Dr Toft I would be really interested to read it,I am going to see him at the end of the month,Thanks

I think you ask Louise. Go to 'members' and look for Louise Warvill, click on her name and send her a pm. She will send you the article.

Thanks puncturedbicycle I have done this


Your TSH is too high for your to feel well. Your GP has to up your dose, although many mistakenly believe that it is fine for us to have a TSH 'within range' and ignore continuing clinical symptoms.

You need more medication - it's as simple as that.

Thanks, you info has helped will be getting meds pushed up too 100 on Tuesday...and will be getting him to run the other tests... Should my t4 be at high end of range..... T3?

Duchy82 in reply to Maff08

You definitely want your t4 at the high end of the range i think mine was right at the top of the range when i started feeling normal

Maff08 in reply to Duchy82


Doc has refused to up meds to 100 says im ok

Have you tried bringing him the Dr Toft article (above)? Otherwise it looks like you will either have to find another doc or self-treat (in which case you may have to find another doc anyway if he doesn't approve of the self-treatment).

Keep in mind that this is not an nhs problem, it is a doctor problem, so a private endo isn't necessarily going to be any different. The important thing is that you find a doc who is comfortable going outside the usual protocol.

Idk why they are so pompous about medication. If they are so bothered about the almighty ranges, why don't they medicate within range to a point where you see some benefit? If you're not well at the low end of the range, why won't they try the higher end?? What do they have to lose?

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