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Hi All

I'm currently under an Endo, have felt awful for the past 16 months, have elevated Calcium levels and fluctuating PTH, and my Thyroid levels are always fluctuating. Having had an appointment at the beginning of Apr, I was fobbed off with depression and to change my diet to see if it helps. I'm a size 8 and have always eaten well, my diet hasn't changed drastically at any point. Im waiting for an appointment to have my Adrenal Glands tested even though he thinks it'll be fine (I think the test idea was to keep me quiet after I burst into tears in his office) I've posted on here previously with some results if anybody wants to take a look, but I've now had 2 positive ANA's which the Endo said just needs monitoring as they're weak positives, I have symptoms of both Hyper & Hypo and a lot of Parathyroid symptoms! I also had an end of range result on TPO AB test but that's been ignored. I've noticed my eyes look dull, red lower eyelids, sometimes puffy top eyelids and bloodshot a lot but I'm sure they're turning a very slight yellow colour, there is no sparkle to me whatsoever at the mo and I can see it in my eyes, I looked drained, im only 30. I've asked my GP about this and my Bilbrubin levels are always fine on blood tests, I was told to ask to have a B12 test again for Pernicious Anaemia, could any Thyroid or Autoimmune Diseases cause my eyes to do this?

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your eye problems sound very much like THYROID EYE DISEASE lady has been treated for this for the past 16mths or so --- and very successfully by moorfields [ excellent consultant ] me if you want more details .....alan x


There are several causes of yellow eyes. I was having a quick look to find the most common and came across this:

Don't know how good the list is, but it has everything I have ever heard of!




It's bizarre as my GP said my eyes looked fine and all my bloods have been fine, I had 1 elevated LFT but that was normal when tested again but Bilbrubin has always been perfectly fine.

I thought maybe sun damage as I've been in Sydney for 6 months but it seems to have only been in the last month or 2 I've noticed it, or maybe I'm being paranoid as nobody else has said they look different. I suffer Chronic Sinusitis and have been stuffy and itchy eyes for about a week! I actually have an eye test next Fri so maybe that'll put my mind at rest


Hi, you must mention the possibility of thyroid eye disease at the optician, they should then make sure you are seen by an eye specialist. This will include checking for antibodies in your blood. If it is TED they can treat it early to stop it getting any worse. A GP or an endocrinologist will not be good enough for TED.


Hi personally I would find a new Endo and start again. Thyroid eye disease is an eye consultant.

Calcium is an electrolyte. Do you mean above range, very important not to be. if on vit D and it is above range, however low the D is, you have tro stop taking it. If n ot on D and above range, the first test is a blood test AM for PTH ( parathyroid) , calcium and vit D. If all over range or 2 and D high for you. Nuclear scans of PTH and a CT and ultra sound of thyroid.

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Thank you for your comments. I wrote the Endocrinologist a 3 page letter detailing my symptoms and history and even sent him copies of the blood tests from Sydney as I feel these have been ignored. If nothing comes of the letter, I'm thinking of using my private healthcare but I'm still within the waiting period, enough is enough now being fobbed off and being made to feel like a hypochondriac, I want my life back! Am I entitled to see my GP and ask for a different Endo?

I will mention everything at eye test on Fri too.

Thank you


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