Eyes won't open in the mornings!


I was wondering if anyone else suffers with their eyes not opening in the morning? I can feel how swollen the sockets are and the eyelids are literally swollen shut and I have to use my fingers to open them. My labs are great and my endo tested me for Graves antibodies, thinking that's could be the cause and it came back negative. Even my eye doctor said while examining them that the socket tissues are extremely swollen and that's seen a lot of times with thyroid disorders. So, I am wondering if this can be a result of Hypo? Is there anything I can do that might help the swelling? It's all very strange and I would think the symptoms would reduce when my levels are balanced, but they seem to have a mind of their own.

Thanks for any and all advice! xo

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  • Sounds like Thyroid Eye Disease in which case you need to see a TED specialist.

  • Thank you! I will definitely look into that and go see one!!

  • Could you post your current results and ranges? The last results you posted were not great.

  • Yes of course! I just had my labs done a couple weeks ago and the results were:

    TSH: 2.470 range: 0.450-4.500

    Thyroglobulin Antibody: <1.0 range: 0.0-0.9

    Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab: 9 range: 0-34

  • You need an increase in levo as your TSH is nearly 3 whereas preferably it should be 1 or lower. We can have swelling if hypo and not on sufficient hormones.

  • If going on TSH alone then you want a level nearer 1 - so your labs aren't great.

  • Oh okay! So you're saying that hypo/high TSH can cause this problem? I thought the eye symptoms only went along with Hyperthyroid...which that's when it started when I was overmedicated.

  • it can come along with either and even rarely having "normal" thyroid hormone levels.

    Someone posted some research a while ago and healthy people with no symptoms have TSH levels of around 1. So yours over 2 on medication when you are trying to achieve "normal" thyroid function is not great even though some doctors will class your level as "normal" as it is within the TSH range.

    Anyway make sure you go and see the TED specialist asap.

  • Wow! Okay, well then that makes sense! I feel pretty good, except for the swollen shut eyes....and I have to be careful to not get overmedicated bc I can get some hyperthyroid symptoms at 1. So, I'll def see a specialist and try more natural remedies to help my medication, so I don't have to increase just yet. It's just good to know that it is a normal symptom for hypo. Thank you for your help!

  • I have difficulty opening my eyes in the morning when under medicated. Felt as though the muscles had no power. It has resolved with better blood levels.

  • OMG for real!? That makes me feel better that someone knows what I'm talking about! Thank you! That's what mine feel like too. And they stay swollen, like the sockets...all day long. I guess I am a bit under medicated at times...what medicine are you on? I went from Synthroid 75 (which made me Hyper) to NatureThroid 48.75 (which makes me a little under medicated at times).

  • My last test showed normal level tsh, eyes had improved but not back to normal. Still have sore, swollen, red weakness in eyes. I use witch hazel pads to relieve them, it helps.

  • Man, you sound just like me! It's so strange how it seems to be the first symptom to flare up and the last to go...I don't get it! But I will definitely try the witch hazel pads! Great idea! Thanks!

  • I take Armour. Still occasionally get it if particularly tired but still can't balance my dose & have mild adrenal problems. On T4 I could not lift my arms or walk either. When I tried T3 I could feel the power come back into my eyelids though it caused other problems so went back to Armour. Yes my eyes were very puffy also but are much improved now. I would say it took some while, months rather than weeks to improve.

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