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Hypothyroidism - should I ask to be referred to the Royal Surrey in Guildford or St Richard's in Chichester? Any views/experiences welcomed

I've been hypo for 10 years, on levothyroxine - now at 100mg daily, but have just accepted it and not asked questions. Now that my hair is falling out (I'll need a wig soon!) and I'm completely exhausted all the time with aching fingers, hands, wrists, elbows etc I need to take some action. The journey is just starting, and there is overwhelming advice out there that I'm just confused now and don't know where to start!

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Start at the beginning by getting a new thyroid gland blood test from your GP. If you've had a recent one get a copy from your surgery, with the ranges and post for comments.

If you have to get a new one ask for a full thyroid function test:-

TSH, T4, T3, free T4 and free T3. If you haven't had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as well.

Many doctors believe that the patients' dose of meds should keep the TSH 'within range' that doesn't always make us feel well or get rid of clinical symptoms. The TSH, if we are unwell, should be low or suppressed for us to feel better.

Ten years is more than enough time for you now to try and recover your health.


Thank you so much, that's very helpful. I will ask for all of those tests on Friday.


I have very non-specific info about an Endo from each.... Email me for their names....


I repeat, though, the info is non-specific...




Hair loss can be directly linked to low ferritin. The further under 70 it is, the more the hair loss. Lw ferritin seems to go with thyroid problems. Any idea what yours is? If your doctor isn't requesting all the tests you need to get a proper idea of where you stand, you can write to him, listing your requests and see if be will help, or you can just get everything tested yourself by dealing direct with the lab. There are details on the web site home page. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/

No idea about the hospitals, hopefully if you get proper tests you will be able to work out the problem and won't need either of them!


Many thanks galathea, I'm seeing my Dr this am so will ask for full blood tests.


I have some experience of royal surrey. You are welcome to pm me if you want my input as I'm not sure I can post it in here !


Thanks Bagpuss. I think I've pm'd you.....


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