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Good Temps but knotty, falling hair?

Hi Everyone,

I started on 'Thiroyd' from Thailand one month ago. I had no previous meds as I was undiagnosed. Basal Body temp of 35.9/36.0 and temperature in the day time averaging 36.5.

Started on 1 grain. Upped it every 10 days by half. Now on 2 and half. One in the morning, one midday and half late afternoon. Great energy. Feeling good. Temps now perfect but my hair is still falling out and I'm not sure - this may have worsened? I'm scared. Since taking the Thiroyd, it's also become flossy and tangly. I'm in a dilemma. The meds seem to be working well but . . . . . is this a dosing issue? Or do I just need to sit it out until it straightens itself. I don;t want to stop or change meds - they seem great apart from this. Does anyone have any experience of this issue to pass on please?

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I also self medicate same brand ...my hairloss as started since upping a quarter grain a month ago ...I've decided to drop back to my previous dose of 1.75 as at same time as hairloss I started with face/scalp tingling and loose when I go toilet ...my temperatures are more or less like yours ..bit I am starting to wonder if I need to leave them where they are instead of trying to get to optimal 37 (hence my quarter raise)and accept that I run a little bit lower.I doubt your hairs changed condition due to medication as it would only affect your roots but it's probably more tangled due to the hair your loosing getting caught up in your hair rather than dropping straight out.Perhaps you went too high too quickly and you need to cut back .


Thank you for taking the time to reply, Lozzer66. I've dropped back half a grain to 2 grains. Temps still great. Still feel good. Going to take a Thyroid function test once I've stabilized on this.

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My hair started coming out in clumps when I was overmedicated and FT3 was considerably over range.

2.5 grains is higher than the dose I take and I have no thyroid. You can order a private thyroid test via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...


Thanks Clutter. I see you're really active on here and give a lot of your time and experience to others in order to help. I really appreciate that. So, thanks also for my personal reply. I've lowered by half a grain. I'm now on 2. Still feel good and temps are great. I'm going to take a thyroid function test including RT3 as you suggest but, I have 2 more questions if you - or anyone else - has the time to reply. 1) How long should I stay on a dose before it's worth testing? (ie. this new, lower dose of 2 grains I've been on for about 10 days) 2.) In your experience, is it possible to feel otherwise great but have a build up of too much reverse T3 and hair loss?

I live in Spain, getting a test is a nightmare so I need to do it as rarely as I can get away with.

Once again, thanks so much for your contribution.



Generally it is advised to stay on a dose for 6-8 weeks before testing.

In my experience you can feel fine but be over medicated and have hair loss. If you are over medicated with high FT4 and high FT3 it is likely rT3 will be high. Reducing dose will reduce levels of FT4, FT3 and rT3.


Hi Clutter. Thanks again. Just a quick question: you said you have no thyroid and you are on a lower dose than me (or than I was at 2.5 grains). Can I just checK: are you taking NDT and specifically "Thiroyd"?



No, I take Levothyroxine and Liothyronine.


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