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Can anyone help? How to get my ferritin levels up? Reposted because no replies last time


My recent iron tests results were:

serum iron 27.2 (6.6 - 26)

TIBC 60 (41-77)

Transferrin saturation 45 (20-55)

Ferritin 52 (13-150).

I'd like to get my ferritin up into the recommended range (more than halfway) but I'm concerned about overdoing with iron as my serum levels are above the top of the range. (I had stopped supplementing about a week before the test, so the results should reflect what's in my system.) Does this mean that resuming a modest iron dose is an absolute no? Any advice much appreciated.

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What time of day was your testing done? And were you fasting?

silverfox7 in reply to humanbean

Does it make a difference if fasting? I have just got back a folate result whilst fasting where result was around 6 and I think range 4-18.

Xanthe in reply to humanbean

Hi Humanbean,

It was a Blue Horizon Home test kit (where you take your own blood). I wasn't fasting (it didn't ask for this) and I took the bloods mid-morning - about 10.30am.

Hi Xanthe - I have the same problem - my last blood test 6 weeks ago showed a ferritin reading of 49 (11 - 307) and I am really struggling to get it higher. I take a supplement but was taking that before the blood test so obviously not enough. I have started trying to eat iron dense foods although my B12 was way over the top of the scale (I have 3 monthly B12 jabs). Breakfast is sometimes bacon, egg and beef kidneys - try searching online for food that could help. Apart from that I am clueless - maybe someone else will have better advice x

Xanthe in reply to Loobs39

Hi loobs,

I don't have a problem getting the ferritin higher - that's worked well over the past year, but I am concerned about getting too high a serum iron level at the same time, because excess iron in the system is toxic. Nevertheless, I'll follow your advice about diet is a good one, and Icould seriously enjoy a bacon, kidney and egg breakfast!

Hi Transference is quite good, could be better but mine is below10%,Iron/ferritin does not need to be too high but just well in range. To help absorption best to take with half a dissolved tablet of vit C.( Endo)B12, on the other hand does need to be high in range, they are quite different.

Best wishes,


Xanthe in reply to Jackie

Thanks Jackie,

My B12 is high, but I'll up my dose of Vit C to help with absorption.

Jackie in reply to Xanthe

Hi, good idea, they are both totally different types of anemia



Hi Xanthe,

My ferritin levels dropped a great deal, 60%, in the most recent blood test 4 months apart; however, the iron levels and transferrin saturation 47%, and haemoglobin went up to 14.5. Doctor said no need for more iron sups at the moment. To be honest I was a bit relieved to stop iron supps as they have wrecked my guts with bacterial overgrowth as they were feeding on iron. As I understood, that ferritin could fluctuate and it is not the only the measure to assess the iron levels/need of the body.

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for that information. I was relying a lot on the view in STTM that ferritin needs to be above 70, or more than halfway in the range, so it's good to get another opinion. I've stopped iron supplements, too.

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