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How long for iron to replenish ferritin levels?

Diagnosed iron deficient in 2011 with iron anaemia and this was when I started ferrous fumarate (3x a day), please advise. Only taking 1 ferrous fumarate now. All results below.

Nov 2011

Ferritin 27 (30 - 400) abnormal pls contact patient

Jan 2012

Ferritin 49 (30 - 400) normal no action

Aug 2013

Ferritin 15 (30 - 400) abnormal contact patient

Nov 2013

Ferritin 22 (30 - 400) abnormal contact patient

May 2014

Ferritin 23 (30 - 400) abnormal contact patient

Aug 2014

Ferritin 15 (30 - 400) abnormal contact patient

Jan 2015

Ferritin 19 (30 - 400) abnormal contact patient

Mar 2015

Ferritin 38 (30 - 400) normal no action

Sep 2015

Ferritin 17 (15 - 150) known fe deficiency pls make appointment

Nov 2015

Ferritin 19 (15 - 150) normal no action

Jan 2016 - referred to haematology

Ferritin 23 (15 - 150) normal no action

May 2016 - post iron infusion

Ferritin 189 (15 - 150) recent iron infusion

Jul 2016

Ferritin 146 (15 - 150) normal no action

Sep 2016

Ferritin 103.5 (15 - 150) normal no action

Nov 2016

Ferritin 110.3 (15 - 150) normal no action

Jan 2017 - sent away with ferrous fumarate to take 1x a day as MCV below range and MCHC above range

Ferritin 98.5 (15 - 150) normal no action

Sep 2017

Ferritin 61.2 (15 - 150) normal no action

Dec 2017 MCHC above range again, MCV just in range

Ferritin 17 (15 - 150) normal no action

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Are haemoglobin and MCH in range?


Haemoglobin 115 (115 - 150) normal no action

MCH 28.1 (28 - 32) normal no action

Iron 5.7 (6.0 - 26.0) slightly below range no action required

Transferrin saturation 12 (12 - 45) normal no action



Iron is below range, and transferrin, haemoglobin and MCH are bottom of range. I think this indicates iron deficiency anaemia. Treatment is 3 x 210mg Ferrous Fumarate which should be taken with vitamin C as I advised before and should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

Once iron and ferritin levels are good you may need to continue taking 1 or 2 210mg Ferrous Fumarate to maintain levels.


Thanks I just went along with what haematologist recommended. So I am guessing he gave me the wrong treatment



Haematologist didn't give you enough treatment or iron wouldn't be below range, ferritin low and red blood cells low.

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You're losing iron very quickly.

I think you should get it investigated.

If you're having heavy periods you should try to contain it either with pill or whatever other treatment you prefer.

If that's not the case or you're a man get it checked out for hemorage somewhere in your body.

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I'm a woman with heavy periods


Pill is not an option


There are other options.

Did they check why you're having heavy periods? Have you seen gyne for it?

If you won't control it you will always be anemic and may have to take tablets every day.

Also there may be some problem within womb causing you heavy periods I.e fibroids, polyps, endometriosis etc


Well I have hypothyroid, also suspected endometriosis and polycystic ovaries, bleeding from bladder and bowel during periods. What can gynae offer me at an appointment? Thanks


You need to get referral to gyne pronto honestly.

Endometriosis is treatable same polycystic ovaries. But you need to see doctor and get help.

Both can cause infertility if untreated and, as you can see already, anemia.


Firstly find the cause of the problems.

Then ensure you are taking sufficient iron tablets if you cannot go on the pill and/or have an IUD.

If you have endometriosis they can do operations to remove some of the tissue that's in the wrong place though most women find it comes back again. In fact all the women I personally know who have or had endometriosis, as couple are now past the menopause, took/take the combined pill.

Oh and your GP can send you for the initial investigations but many refuse to or simply don't mention it. It maybe worth pointing out to the GP the parliamentary report published last summer (?) about the very bad diagnosis of endometriosis in the UK when asking for a referral.


And gastro if bleeding from bowels.


Have you had a referral to gastroenterology to see if there are any internal issues making your ferritin/iron drop consistently?


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